December in Barcelona

December in Barcelona

As soon as December comes, the Christmas mood (or should I say craze?) takes over Barcelona as almost any other city in the world. With all the Christmas-y activities, events, decorations, feeling festive is an easy task. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? Yes, the time when Christmas songs lyrics take over…

Barcelona as a winter getaway destination?

Barcelona in winter by Juan Mario Cuellar | flickr

The sunny Catalan capital and a very popular summer destination will most likely not be your first choice for a winter getaway. That’s quite a pity, I must say. As it’s high time to start planning your winter vacation, keep reading and find out if Barcelona is actually a good idea when the winter hits Europe and if so, are there any cozy places to stay during the visit?

The Blue Museum Which Will Not Leave You Feeling Blue

Museu Blau

Following the idea of showcasing the best museums and places to visit with kids in Barcelona, Museu Blau, a part of the Natural History Museum of Barcelona, is under the spotlight this time. Featuring the life of and on our Planet Earth since the very beginning up to today, the museum is just the right place to not only entertain yourself and the children but also engage their interest in science and the world surrounding us.