Oldest bars in Barcelona

Bars with history Bcn

It’s a well-known fact that Barcelona is a city with a busy nightlife and there is plenty to do on any given day of the week. The city is filled with bars, some of which attract tourists and locals not only with great drinks, charming atmosphere but with a historic setting as well. Include these in your night out in Barcelona and explore the city’s history in the best way possible!

10 apps to get the best out of your trip to Barcelona

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Crazy as it is, but there is an app for anything you could think of, and even for what you can’t! Especially when it comes to travel apps… Many of them can be very useful for visiting Barcelona, but it is hard to find the right ones in such a variety… I will make your life easier – check out this guide of the most necessary (free!) apps for your Barcelona getaway and get ready to download!