Sant Jordi Day in Barcelona: A Day for Literature and Love

Sant Jordi is the name of St George in Catalan. As St George day, Sant Jordi is on 23 April. For most of the people in Barcelona and Catalonia, this is the most romantic day in the year, the “El Día de los Amantes” (Lovers Day) and sometimes “El Día de la Rosa” (Rose Day). Sant Jordi is not a public holiday, but it is a cultural and romantic festival for everyone. 

Mobile World Congress by GSMA

Mobile World Congress

GSMA is an asssociation, which unites over 800 industry operators in different sectors, representing the interest of mobile users worldwide. GSMA is also the host of industry-leading events, such as Mobile World Congress, Mobile World Congress Shanghai, Mobile World Congress America, and Mobile 360 Series. This year's Mobile World Congress event takes place between 26th […]

What are Tapas?

Tapas by Sanako | flickr

Tapas are such an quintessential part of Spanish cuisine, that Spaniards even have a word for going from bar to bar and eating tapas: "tapear". Tapas are small savoury dishes, which are served as a snack with drinks before lunch or dinner. Nowadays, one can also order several plates to get a complete meal. It […]