Temps de Flors: Girona Flower Festival

Girona Flower Festival 2012 by Cristina | flickr

Each year, during May, thousands of people from all over Spain travel to Girona to admire the historical city bedecked with floral displays. During this festival, visitors have a chance to not only satisfy the vision with colorful streets and displays at no cost but also access to the heritage and buildings that are not usually open for tourists.  

Sant Jordi Day in Barcelona: A Day for Literature and Love

Sant Jordi is the name of St George in Catalan. As St George day, Sant Jordi is on 23 April. For most of the people in Barcelona and Catalonia, this is the most romantic day in the year, the “El Día de los Amantes” (Lovers Day) and sometimes “El Día de la Rosa” (Rose Day). Sant Jordi is not a public holiday, but it is a cultural and romantic festival for everyone.