Valentine’s Day in Barcelona

Valentine Day in Barcelona

Are you familiar with the saying “the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach”? Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect opportunity to take your (potential) better half for a romantic dinner! For some this day is just a commercial bubble, while others take it very seriously. Either way, you are lucky to be in Barcelona during it, as even though it is not considered to be the most romantic city in the world and doesn’t celebrate this day much, it is full of lovely restaurants. Check out these 5 romantic places for dinner and spread some love!

The best Spanish restaurants in Barcelona!

Els Quatre Gats

Barcelona is overflown with amazing restaurants. To narrow down the selection, we picked out a few of the noteworthiest Spanish restaurants in Barcelona. Els quatre gats Illustration 1 Els Quatre Gats | flickr Els Quatre Gats is one of the most famous restaurants existing in Barcelona, which opened in 1897. Back in the days, it […]