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Feb 26 2014

March in Madrid

Spring is finally right around the corner – and what better way to start the warm season with a trip to lovely Spain? If your destination might be Madrid, take a look at some great event tips for a perfect stay!

Festival Arte Sacro: The Festival Arte Sacro is one of Europe’s most important cultural festivals and takes place from February 21st to April 6th. From music and dancing over theatre to movies – there won’t be anything missed that art lovers could wish for. Even more special than the various performances themselves is the unique combination of action and buildings the festival creates. Since not only the entertainment program is delicately chosen but also the different hosting buildings, churches or theatres are historically of great value, the whole festival experience will extend to a complete pleasure. Find your favorite performers here and get your tickets right away!



Pixar: 25 Years of Animation: Who likes a good animated movie? Everybody does! Therefore Pixar holds its very own exhibition25 Years of Animation” to give a tour through more than two decades successful animation film. From the 21st of March up to June movie-lovers can enjoy the history of models, drawing, storyboards and digital installation. Following the footsteps of “Toy Story”, “Cars” and more the whole fun takes place in the “Caixa Forum Madrid” and can be visited from Monday to Sunday for only 4€ each.



THE Derby: Atlético de Madrid vs. Real Madrid: This game is definitely a must-visit for every football-fan in town. On March 2nd happens to be the probably most important derby of the Spanish football league: Atlético Madrid vs. Real Madrid. The clash between Madrid’s two biggest football clubs is known for its special atmosphere, a huge number of stars entering the field and of course its high level of sports. Since this special game takes also place in the world-famous Vicente Calderón Stadium the opportunity of enjoying great football in the Spanish capital couldn’t get any better. Find tickets online.



Salón de Gourmets: If you simply love good foods – and honestly, who doesn’t? – the Salón de Gourmets is definitely a must-go for you. From March 10th up to the 13th the annually International Fine Foods and Beverages Fair takes place in the famous Feria de Madrid and opens its doors for food-fans of all kinds. During this three-day fair trade people can admire, experience and of course also taste everything a hungry – or thirsty – heart could wish for. From smoked ham and fresh fish, over colorful fruits and aromatic vegetables, to delicious sweets and creative snacks – there is nothing anyone could possibly miss. Also those who prefer a glass can easily be satisfied with a wide range of different fine wines, champagnes, liquors and non-alcoholic beverages. For more information about this tasty event click here. Bon appétit!


For the case you are still looking for a great place to stay during your trip to Madrid, we would like to offer you some very nice apartments which you can find on Habitat Apartments

Enjoy your holidays!

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Feb 18 2014

Apps, which will make your trip to MADRID perfect!

You have planned a trip to Madrid with your family or with some friends? None of you has ever been there so you are all complete strangers? How will you know where you can drink a typically Spanish coffee or eat the best tapas? Which are the most important attractions in the city you need to see? And what if you get lost in the city? Madrid has more than 3 million inhabitants and thus is a huge city where it’s hard to orient oneself.
But there are a lot of useful apps for Android and iOS which will bring solutions to all of these problems: the best restaurants? The best bars? The most important sights and attractions? These apps will reveal them to you!

1. Madrid Metro Map: You arrive at your hotel in Madrid but don’t know how to get to the city centre or to any other place? This app will show you which line of the metro you have to take and how long it will approximately take you until you reach your destination. It works offline – a good feature as you will probably not have internet on the way. Moreover, the app is for free.

metro bcn

2. Spanish English best dictionary: You are in Spain but you don’t speak any word of Spanish? This app may be very useful for you. It translates English to Spanish and the other way around, you can search for words and you can listen to each word being spoken out loud, both languages. Another app, Franklin ViDICTO (English-Spanish Visual Dictionary), works completely offline and offers you the words you need for accurate situations within different categories, e.g. “At the airport”, “In the hotel room” or “Dinner”. You can find pictures with the right term on it and thus easily communicate in Spanish. Both apps are for free.

dictionary vidicto

3. Madrid tripadvisor: The Madrid tripadvisor app unites everything: it has a city map, knows the best restaurants and hotels and the most famous sights, it can tell you where to go shopping and where nightlife takes place. All of these features can be used offline, which makes the app the perfect match for your trip to Spain – you just need to download the city “Madrid” having internet in order to make all the features work offline. It’s free of cost.

trip advisor

4. City Walks Madrid: This app tells you which sights you have to see, it offers you different tours, like for example the “Central Madrid” tour, the “Old Madrid” tour, the “City Squares and Streets” tour, the “Royal Palace, Madrid” tour and many more.  Choosing one tour, the app shows you the corresponding sights (“Royal Palace, Madrid” tour: Palacio Real, Temple of Debod, Sabatini Gardens etc.) and clicking on the sight tells you the story about it: does King Juan Carlos live in the Royal Palace? Why is it also called “Palacio de Oriente”?  
Moreover, it offers a listing of the best nightlife spots in the city centre as well as a listing of the best places to be entertained, such as cafés, clubs and restaurants.
If you have internet on your phone in Madrid, the app will localize you with its GPS and guide you to all the sights of the tour you chose – be it all the castles, the beautiful gardens or La Plaza Mayor.
Last but not least, you can also create your own tour. Choose the sights you want to see – the Royal Palace, the Paseo Del Prado and the Teatro Real for example – and City Walks Madrid will guide you there.

city walk mad

With all these apps your trip to Madrid will be much easier and more organized. We, as Habitat Apartments, wish you a pleasant stay in this wonderful city, enjoy your holidays! And by the way: we also have an app which we would like to offer to you! Next Stop City Guides provides a map of Madrid and also knows the best places to go, be it sights, bars, restaurants or events! :) It also works offline and is for free, thus you can use it during your whole trip!

 next stop app

For the case you are still looking for a nice place to stay, book with us – we offer amazing apartments!

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Jan 28 2014

February in Madrid

You are planning to go to Madrid in February but are not sure what to do there? We will give you the best insider tips of where to go and what to do in the capital city of Spain.

Brokeback Mountain Opera: This opera, conducted by Charles Wuorinen, has got two acts and tells the story of the correspondent book, written by Annie Proulx. It is about two cowboys who are working on a farm one summer and get to know each other. And even though they fall in love, they lead different lives and never have the courage to start a real relationship. It’s a love story that lasts over 20 years where in the end, one of the cowboys dies.


The opera can be seen from the 28th of January until the 11th of February in the Royal Theatre of Madrid. Buy tickets online and enjoy the opera.

Picasso in the workshop: From the 12th of February on, the Mapfre Foundation will show the workspace of Picasso in the Recoletos Exhibition Hall. The exhibition will focus on his studio, where he created a lot of wonderful paintings, drawings and ceramics.

Picasso was born in 1881 in Málaga. He was a Spanish painter, sculptor, ceramicist and printmaker who spent most of his life in France. It is estimated that his complete works amount to about 50,000 pieces. One of his best known pieces is the oil painting “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” which became a key painting of the classical modernism.


Already during his lifetimes, two museums have been set up for Picasso: the Musée Picasso in Antibes and the Museu Picasso in Barcelona. The exhibition in the Recoletos Hall in Madrid will be on until the 11th of May, the entrance is free. You can find more information here.

ARCOmadrid: The International Contemporary Art Fair will be hold from the 19th until the 23th of February this year at the Ifema (Institución Ferial de Madrid) in Madrid. This year, it’s the 33rd edition of the ARCO, which represents historical until modern and contemporary arts where works of art can be admired. Tickets can be bought at the website of Ifema.

The Lion King: You like musicals? Then The Lion King is the most amazing and wonderful musical you can get to see! It refers to the Walt Disney movie of the same name which has been published in 1994 and is about Simba, a little lion, who tries to find his place in the world. For sure, this musical will enchant you and your children so that you won’t ever forget it.

lion king

The musical can be visited every day except for Mondays in Teatro Lope de Vega in Madrid. Entrance cards can be bought on the website of the musical The Lion King.

You are going to Madrid but you still need a nice place to stay? Find wonderful accommodations at Habitat Apartments.

Enjoy Madrid and the events it has to offer this month!

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Nov 25 2013

What to do in Madrid for New Year’s Eve

San Silvestre Vallecana 2013


You are still not sure how to celebrate the upcoming year in Madrid?
We have a suggestion for you: What about testing your own limits in the huge San Silvestre Vallecana race – a 10 kilometers long run with the Calle Concha Espina as a starting point?


In 2012 more than 30,000 people took part in the race on the 31st December. The race offers two different categories: the professional and the fun race. Hence, if you are untrained you can still participate and run in your own pace.

Make sure to check their webpage for the registration points. The process opens on the 26th November at 2pm. If you want to participate, you should inscribe as soon as possible, since many people are interested in this race.

Although there is the fun race available, do not underestimate 10 kilometers. If you are not used to running, 10 kilometers might be a lot. ;-) Get up, train and prove yourself you are strong enough to make it! There are even several preparation events available, where you can get ready for the run with other people together.


san silvestre vallecana


If you still need the perfect accommodation for this time, Habitat Apartments can supply a perfect apartment suitable to your wishes. Enjoy New Year’s Eve to the full without worrying about your accommodation!

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Aug 29 2012

Next Stop Madrid

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Discover Madrid as you never imagined!


The project Next Stop Madrid isthe brainchild of Habitat Apartments, a company based in Barcelona that has been renting tourist apartments since 2001.

In these 11 years, almost 12, many things have grown: the number of apartments that Habitat Apartments manage, the cities we operate, the people working on site, the nationalities and experiences that each of us brig into the project. 

We want to offer our readers our experiences, our tips, some breakfast, some dinner, favorite libraries and shops, many stories and the passion we put into every article about our cities. 


Next stop madrid logoNext Stop Madrid is totally new, here you will find anything, at any time: events, places, guides and more.

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