“Il Colosseo di Roma”


The Colosseum of Rome is the biggest amphitheatre in the world, located in the city centre of Rome. The Colosseum has been built during Roman times in the years 72 until 80 A.D. (anno domini) under the emperor Vespasian and later, after his death, under his heir and successor Titus. Later on, Domitian, who reigned […]

Vatican City


BETWEEN GRANDIOSITY AND INVISIBILITY It's so famous, well known, beautiful to see, misterious to think, hard to exactly discover. I'm talking about the Vatican City, and want to tell something about it just passing through numbers, because too many poeple before me used words. – 800 people: population – 44 hectares (23 covered by gardens) […]

Pantheon Roma


"Every one soon or late comes round by Rome." Robert Browning Hamilton The Pantheon, or simply the Rotonda, as the Romans call it, is perhaps the most special building in Rome, and the very model of all modern temples: Michelangelo himself considered it a divine and not human. With its simplicity and grandiosity at the same […]