Movie Festivals in Spain

let's go to movies in Spain?

There is just something about going to the movies… The smell of fresh popcorn, dim lights, amazing audiovisual quality – the whole atmosphere is filled with excitement. If you got happy reading this, then you are definitely a movie fan and October is definitely the month for you in Spain, as two major film festivals take place here. Both of these festivals specialize in fantasy and horror films though, so are you brave enough?

October in Madrid

October in Madrid

The beginning of the low season is the perfect time to visit Madrid. The weather is just right for sightseeing, the beautiful autumn colors, ranging from greens to yellows and reds make it even better. Also, the capital of Spain can offer various festivals during the month of October, so check out this guide of October in Madrid and prepare to experience the best of Madrid this autumn beginning!

Madrid’s district, this month: Chamberí

Chamberi District

Chamberí is a district that borders the city center to the Southwest and barrio Salamanca to the East. As most of the residents here are locals, the real spirit of Madrid threads its way to every corner. Chamberí is even described as “castizo”, which means a classic and traditional district in the city. Welcome to Chamberí if you need an authentic and calm area that has everything nearby.