Oct 23 2014

November in Amsterdam – the city won’t sleep this month

In November, Amsterdam will hardly sleep. There is so much going on in the city that it will be hard to sleep for you either. You are looking for some active days in a city? Amsterdam is the perfect destination for you. Besides that the city never sleeps, it offers also everything the heart desires. Even so you want to spend a relaxing evening, there are still our nice and cozy apartments waiting for you.

There is literally everything the heart desires in Amsterdam in November. You can find festivals and other events, exhibitions, musical and sport events in the city. Have a look at our recommendations, and plan your trip to the Dutch Capital!

eddie griffinFirst of all, six festivals and events are coming to Amsterdam next month:
IDFA – International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
This festival, taking place from 19th to 30th November, brings great films, devoted fans and talented film-makers together. All films tell a story about life: funny and moving, or shocking and sad. The films are screened in English or with English subtitles.

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival
There will be a massive selection of top-quality animated films from 4th to 9th November in Amsterdam. As animation has become an integral part of cinema, it is getting more and more interesting for the film industry and for all of us. There will be competitions, shows, exhibitions, workshops and even more.


Eddie Griffin

Storytelling Festival
The 7th edition of the Storytelling Festival is coming to Amsterdam from 1st to 9th November. Dutch and international storytellers are goint to tell tall tales, old legends, beautiful stories and touching recitals. Besides entertainment, the aim of this festival is to find the best storyteller and to increase awareness of the art. Don't miss this great event!

Het Hoofdgerecht
Food festival in the Dutch Capital: From 28th to 30th November the festival is held at the monumental market hall in the Food center of Amsterdam. Attend the event and enjoy food of a large variety of food trucks as well as fun-fair attractions and DJs.

Museum Night
Every year on the first Saturday in November, over 50 museums open their doors from 19.00 to 02.00 for visitors. There are special events as workshops, concerts, special tours, and performances as well as tasty food and drinks. With the ticket for only 18.50 Euro, you have free entrance to all participating museums as well as free transportation on special trams and boats and a discount on the entrance to one of the afterparties.

pAn -  Amsterdam's biggest antique market
It takes place in the city from 23rd to 30th November at the RAI congress and exhibition center. Over 120 antique dealers present their goods at this market for one week. Even if you don't intend to buy anything, this event might be great and interesting for you!

Besides, there are two very interesting cultural events coming to Amsterdam next month.

olympic stadium amsterdam

Olympic Stadium, Amsterdam

At first, the comedian Eddie Griffin, star of the sitcom Malcom&Eddie, is coming to the city. He performs his show on Thursday, 20th November, in the Melkweg's Rabozaal. Secondly, a theatrical production of Anne Frank's life will be performed until 31 January at the Theater Amsterdam. The play focuses on the two years spent by Anne and her family in the secret annex.

You are keen in some sport events? Have a look at the following two events that couldn't be more different than they acctually are.

Olympisch stadionloop
On Sunday, 9th November, the Phanos athletics association organises this running event. There are four different competitions. Have a look at the details:
1km – children and parents-run
5km – run
10km – first wave
10km – second wave

Spanish Riding School of Vienna
On 29th and 30th November, the triple Olympic gold winner Anky van Gruvsen will gallop on her Lipizzaner horses into the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. In her show she presents centuries-old riding styles from Spain ect. There are tickets from 39 to 79 Euro. Don't miss watching this gorgeous animals!

Last but not least, there are some musical events waiting for you. Even in this sector, you find everything the heart desires: musicals and concerts of any kind of music as rock, pop and classic.

After reading this article, you are looking forward being a part of this November in Amsterdam? Plan your trip to the city with Habitat Apartments! We offer several nice apartments in the Dutch capital. Below, you can see the beautiful Emperor 3 apartment for two people.

emperor 3 apartment amsterdam













Emperor 3 apartment, dining area

© image Eddie Griffin: Official Website

© image Olympic Stadium: 24oranges.nl (flickr)



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Oct 23 2014

November in Venice – Saints and classical music

Have you ever been in Venice? Strolling through the small streets, using little bridges to cross small canals. This city offers a lot. On one hand, it is romantic and picturesque, on the other hand it is touristic and full with events. However, fall brought not only cooler temperatures, there are also less tourists in the city. In November, it's time for you to come to Venice! There are still several events on the agenda, but also some local festivities to experience. Don't miss the opportunity to get to know this fantastic city in a local way!

As always, we prepared a list with the most important November events in Venice. Have a look at it, and plan your trip to the city!

teatro la fenice
Teatro La Fenice, Venice

Teatro La Fenice di Venezia
This November is full with Opera and other classical music events. There will be concerts as SVC-Chamber Music Season 2014/15 as well as Verdi's La Traviata. Have a look at the whole programm of the Teatro La Fenice di Venezia.

There are also some other classical concerts, ballet and opera in November. See all the classical events in Venice here.

As mentioned before, there are also some local events on the agenda that you shouldnt't miss at all. Have a look at the details.

salute church veniceFesta di San Martino
On the 11th November, children raise a ruckus around the city, armed with pots and spoons. They pray San Martino, the patron saint of France, while singing traditional songs. The children go trick or treating like Halloween style, offering to calm down making noises. San Martino is traditionally connected with the story of the cutting cloak. The story takes place on a rainy day in November. Martino, riding on a horse, comes across an old man sitting on the street. The old man is suffering from the freezing temperature. Martino has nothing he can offer the old man except his own cloak. So he cuts his cloak in half, and gives one half to the old man. Caused to this story San Martino is said to be selfless and always willing to help. Spend this holiday in Venice, and experience it in a new way!
Salute Church, Venice

Festa della Madonna della Salute
This festivity, hold on 21st November, might be the least "touristy" of the Venetian events. Thousands of inhabitants cross the bridge Ponte de la Salute, and visit the main altar of the imposing Salute Church to thank and ask the Virgin Mary to keep them in good health. This event goes back to the years 1575-77, where there was a terrible plague in Venice. Over 50 years later in 1630, another bout of pestilence came over the city and lasted for two more years. The Dodge Nicolò Contarini announced in public to erect a church called the Salute asking the Virgin Mary to rid the city of the plague. If you are in Venice on this day, you should definitely taste the castradina, a traditional dish based with mutton.

Did this beautiful city of Venice not convince you? This nice San Marco House apartment definitely will!

san marco house apartment venice

San Marco House apartment, bedroom


© image Salute church: Tony Hisgett (flickr)

© image Teatro la Fenice: Miguel Mendez (flickr)


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Oct 23 2014

November in Florence – the city is overflowing with events

The beautiful city of Florence offers a wide range of events this November. There are events for everyone. You want to go on holiday with your family, your partner or with some friends? Florence will be the perfect destination for you. 

You want to spend your days in Florence doing a walking tour or attending a classical event? Have a look at the following events. There is definitely some event included for you.

inferno by dan brown

Dan Brown's "Inferno Tour"
Have you read the book Inferno by Dan Brown? This half-day walking tour will be perfect for you. You will follow the footsteps of Robert Langdon, and you will see the most popular historical monuments in Florence. If you haven't read the book yet, go for it and prepare yourself for your holiday!


Classical events
You are a classical music-lover? There are several events coming in November to Florence: Orchester and Opera from "La Traviata" to "La Bohème". There are also some classical performences at the basilica Santo Stefano al Ponte. These musical nights are also a local event starting at 9pm (1st to 27th November).


Inferno by Dan Brown

If you are planning a trip to Florence with your family, you will find some very interesting events here. 

Fiorentina vs. Napoli
What can be better than a real local experience as an Italian league match? Attend the soccer match on 9th November at 3pm, and enjoy it with the whole family. As soccer is Italian's greatest passion, you will experience more than a normal soccer match in those 90minutes. Book your ticket now! 

Ice Stars in Florence
Russian Ice Stars are performing their glamorous ice shows Peter Pan (24th Nov., 3.30-6.30) and Beauty&the Beast (22nd, 6.30 and 23rd Nov., 3.30). The shows take place at Nelson Mandela Forum. It is not only an event for children, parents will love it as well! 

cirque du soleil

Quidam – Cirque du Soleil
Cirque du Soleil performs an impressing show without any animals. From 6th to 9th November, there will be flying trapeze artists, twirling gymnasts, human sculptures, and light shows at the Nelson Mandela Forum.This is an event you shouldnt miss at all!

Florence Creativity Fair
This fair offers everything the imagination can produce. It is focused on Made-in-Italy and hand-made goods. On the first weekend in November, you will find there wood-work, ceramics, painting, tailoring, glass blowing, paper creation ect. And of course, there is a cake design contest! The entrance is 8 Euro, 5 Euro with reduction, and for children under 10 for free.

Cirque du Soleil

Wool Fair
Here you find wool and every kind of wool products produced locally with natural dyes and artisan workmanship. This fair offers also a special hands-on workshop for kids where they can get their hand at working wool themselves. It takes place on 1st and 2nd November, and the entrance is for free. Go for it!


Are you planing a trip to Florence? But you are still looking for a place to stay? Habitat Apartments offers several nice apartments as the Giotto Suite apartment which you can see below.

giotto suites apartment

Giotto Suite apartment, living room


© image Inferno: Boogy Stah (flickr)  

© image Cirque du Soleil: Official Website 



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Oct 17 2014

Barcelona in November – a month full with concerts, festivals and fairs

As every year, November in Barcelona starts with La Castanyada, meaning All Saints' Day and the evening before. The festival is called after the traditional treats of castanyes (roasted chestnuts) which are often consumed with moniatos (roasted sweet potatoes) and panellets (cakes), drinking muscatel sweet wine. You should definitely taste it!

Families in Barcelona often celebrate the public holiday with a meal togehther, a visit to the church to honour Catholic Saints and a visit to the cemetery to honour deceased family members.

There are also several events for music-lover in November in Barcelona. Inter alia Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias, and OneRepublic are coming to the city. Have a look at the details:

lady gaga

Lady Gaga's art rave


Lady Gaga                                      8th November                               El Palau Sant Jordi arena

Guana Apes                                    8th November                              Sala Razzmatazz

Enrique Iglesias                              13th November                             El Palau Sant Jordi arena

OneRepublic                                   19th November                            Sant Jordi Club Barcelona 

Ed Sheeran                                     24th November                            Sant Jordi Club Barcelona 


You are more the athletic person? There is also a nice event for you in Barcelona.

Cursa Jean Bouin 2014  
The 91st Jean Bouin Mundo Deportivo takes place on Sunday 23rd November. There are two competitions, one over a distance from 5km and one from 10km. If you want to participate in the race, you can register until 18th November.


Last but not least, there are several cultural events as fairs, festivals and exhibtion in the city in November. Have a look at all those nice events, coming to Barcelona soon.

Barcelona Manga Fair
The 20th anniversary editiona which excpects to welcome more than 100,000 visitors, takes place at the Fira de Barcelona at Montjuïc. During the four-days event (30
th Oct-2nd Nov), there will be Manga films, stands, video games, conferences, workshops and more. The entrance costs 7 Euro.      

Art Futura  
From the 6th November on, the ArtFutura arrives to 20 cities: Barcelona, Berlin, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Mexico DF ect. This years's theme is "The Digital Promise". The ArtFutura in Barcelona takes place at CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona). 

World Press Photo 
For over 55 years the World Press Photo contest takes place every year. During the following year, the prize-winning photographs, assembled into an exhibition, travel to 45 countries. The exhibition is coming to Barcelona from 6th November to 8th December. Don't miss all those nice photos! The entrance is only about 6 Euro.john stanmeyer 2013
Winner of the World Press Photo 2014

Sâlmon Dance festival
This year the Sâlmon Dance festival takes place from the 27th Nov to 7th December in Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona. There will be again several new European artists performing with fresh ideas and sometimes going against the current.

L’Alternativa film festival
This event, hold to showcase the best international independent filmmaking from the last two years, starts on 17th November. There is a wide range of contemporary films coming to Barcelona. New directors and screening little-known films will be introduced. It will take place at CCCB.

Did Barcelona get your attention? Plan your trip to the city with HabitatApartments. 

We offer several nice places to stay for 2, 4 or more person. In the following you find the beautiful Art1 Apartment for up to 6 person, right in the center of Barcelona, close to the Ramblas and Plaça Reial.


art1 apartment

© image Lady Gaga: Official Website

© image World Press Photo: John Stanmeyer, 2013


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Oct 17 2014

November in Madrid – a wide range of events

"To go to bed at night in Madrid marks you as a little queer. For a long time your friends will be a little uncomfortable about it. Nobody goes to bed in Madrid until they have killed the night. Appointments with a friend are habitually made for after midnight at the cafe." These were the words of Ernest Hemingway in his work Death in the Afternoon. He was so right about it. Madrid is a city that never sleeps. Especially in November, there are so many events and thinks to do for you. You shouldn't miss them at all!


elton john

Elton John performing

Primarily, there are a lot of musical and dance events coming to Madrid in November as Ballet, Flamenco and concerts. We prepared a list with the most important events for you. More concerts coming to Madrid in November will you find here. 

Bosque Ardora During the Danza Festival in Madrid, there will be a new show by Rocío Molina. She is performing a modern flamenco production around the theme of the dual nature of woman. The performance start with a 4-minute video that takes the audience to the center of a forest peppered with totems. The show takes place on 6th and 7th November at Teatros del Canal.

El Mesías
The Uruguay-based Sodre National Ballet is performing El Mesías, based on the oratorio composed by George Friedrich Handel. It is a mix of modern and contemporary dance. The ballet company will perform from 6th to 8th November at the Teatros del Canal in Madrid.

An old monk
This touching and surprising show by Belgian director and actor Josse De Pauw is coming to Madrid from 30th October to 1st November. The dramatic monologue with live jazz music in English with Spanish subtitles will be an evening full of laughter and hidden tears. 


Concerts in Madrid
There are famous musicians coming to Madrid in November as Elton John and Anastacia. Have a look at our selection of concert highlights in November:

Elton John (1st Nov)

Anastacia (7th Nov)

James Blunt (15th Nov)

Enrique Iglesias (15th Nov)

Cat Power (16th Nov)

Clean Bandit (20th Nov)

One Republic (20th Nov)

Ed Sheeran (25th Nov)


November in Madrid offers you also some entertaining exhibitions. There are photographic exhibitions and an interesting one about the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

brandenburger gate berlin

Brandenburger Gate, Berlin

25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall
This historical event will be also celebrated in Madrid. The Puerta de Alcalá, the central gate of Madrid, will get transformed into the Brandenburger Gate. From the 6th to 9th November, a video projection is shown until the morning of the 10th November.

EFE, 75 years in photos
On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the EFE news agency, the Casa del Lector in Matadero Madrid is hosting an exhibtion about the history of journalism in Spain. There will be images as well as some different interactive and technological elements. The exhibition can be visited until 15th January.

Stephen Shore 
The work of this great photographer will stay in Madrid until 23rd November. In the following you find the details about the opening hours:
Monday: 2pm to 8pm

Tuesdays to Saturdays: 10am to 8pm
Sundays/holidays: 11am to 7pm


Last but not least, there are also some sport events coming to Madrid. Besides the matches of Real Madrid, there is an horse racing event at Zarzuela.

Horse racing
The autumn season is coming to an end. Enjoy a sunny Sunday morning watching up to five different horse races. There are tickets from 5 Euro. It is a nice event for the whole family.

Real Madrid
There are two different Real matches waiting for you in November. Have a look at the details:

Champions League
Real Madrid : Liverpool      (4th November, 20:45)

Real Madrid : Rayo Vallecano    (8th November, 20:00)


You want to go to Madrid in November, but you haven't found a place to stay yet? Do not worry. Habitat Apartments has the perfect apartment for you. We offer multiple nice apartments in Madrid.

In the following you see the Gran Via Central apartment for up to 4 person. 

gran via central apatment

Gran Via Central apartment, bedroom


© image Elton John: Official Website

© image Brandenburger Gate: florianric (flickr)


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