Unbeatable location of JAZZ BCN Apartments

Eixample district by Erwan Hesry | Unsplash

JAZZ BCN – accommodation in Barcelona inspired by the musical genre of jazz. Besides being high-quality serviced apartments, JAZZ BCN has more to offer – high level of comfort of all amenities included for an affordable price, modern style, and most importantly – unbeatable location in the Eixample district!

Oldest bars in Barcelona

Bars with history Bcn

It’s a well-known fact that Barcelona is a city with a busy nightlife and there is plenty to do on any given day of the week. The city is filled with bars, some of which attract tourists and locals not only with great drinks, charming atmosphere but with a historic setting as well. Include these in your night out in Barcelona and explore the city’s history in the best way possible!

Featured apartment of December – Paseo de Gracia A

Paseo de Gracia A apartment

When the list of holiday apartments is quite long, and it seems that all of the apartments have already been featured, you find yourself stuck looking for that something different. That’s when you know it’s time to come back to the basics and not overthink it. Minimalist, but with everything you could need. Neutral tones, but a calming mood. Every detail is in its’ own place, as well as the apartment in the perfect location itself. I present to you – the Luxury Travel Guide Global Awards 2016 Winner, and a nominee for the final in 2017 – Paseo de Gracia A.

Christmas markets in Barcelona

Christmas markets Bcn

No matter how hard you dream of white Christmas, Barcelona is most likely not the city you will sing let it snow let it snow let snow in… But that doesn’t mean that the festive spirit is not there. It’s actually the opposite! With so many sparkling Christmas decorations, Nativity scenes, and most importantly – Christmas markets’ stalls popping up all over the city, Barcelona is full-on Christmas mode! Learn the Merry Christmas in Catalan – Bon Nadal – and you are ready to visit the various markets or firas in the Catalan capital!