Aug 17 2016

Month of Fiestas in Barcelona- September

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Not only summer is full of experiences, adventures, joy and priceless moments in Barcelona, but also September is. 


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September is considered as a month of Fiestas.

The most important fiesta La Mercé (Barcelona´s annual summer fiesta) brings together many other smaller local fiestas. Although other local siestas don’t have the same importance, all of the fiestas are breathtaking with a lot to offer. For sure, they will pull into adventure locals as well as tourists, from kids to adults.

Fiesta de La Mercè

It is called after one of Barcelona's patron saints (the other being Santa Eulàlia) and it is one of the biggest Barcelona´s annual fiestas. 24th of September is the main celebration day that is also a public holiday in the city. However, the celebration is happening for 4 or 5 days and always on a weekend. There are many activities all over the city. It´s an opportunity to enjoy some authentic Catalan culture (for example, human towers, processions of giants and ‘big heads', and fire runs).All of those Catalan activities are all as spectacular as they sound. There will also be visual arts, dance performances, concerts, circus acts, open days at museums and other cultural sites, wine tastings. It all will be gathered together with one of the city's most extensive firework displays of the year in Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina.
Fiesta de La Mercè is a useful excuse for Barcelona to ease itself out of summer and into autumn with a week of fun activities that are all free.

When-  22.- 25.09
Where- all over Barcelona,
How much- almost all activities are free of charge.

For more information and programme check here.


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BAM Festival

The BAM Festival (Barcelona Acció Musical) is a music festival and it promotes the best independent artists. The festival has already 18 editions. It provides various music styles: the best musicians in folk to the best ones in electronic music, not forgetting also about rock, pop and indi sounds. The festivals is taking place at the same time as Fiesta de la Mercé. Both festivals perfectly complement each other.
Each year in the festival  you can meet big names from the world of music, both- nationally and internationally renowned.

Festival is held at the end of September (the week of 24th of September) in different stages located all around Barcelona. All concerts are free of charge.

Check the website for more information by clicking here.


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Festa Major De Sant Miquel

This is a celebration of Barceloneta neighbourhood.  Barceloneta is one of the most charming areas with one of one of Barcelona's oldest and best-loved beaches.
This annual festival takes place in the last week of September. The fiesta has lots of fun- concerts, markets, activities for children, and traditions, such as people running through the street throwing and juggling with fire, and many more.

Fiesta Major Del Poblenou

This is the festival that warms up Barcelona (especially the  Poblenou district where the festival is taking place) before the grate Festes de La Mercé. All the main attractions are on Poblenou´s main avenue.

When: first or second week of September,
Where: Poblenou district,
How much: most of the activities are for free.

Fiesta Major De La Ribera

The festival is taking place in one of the areas in Old Town in area called La Ribera. This area is one of the most central and touristic areas in the Barcelona city.

When: middle of September,
Where: area of La Ribera,
How much: mostly all activities are for free.

The Catalunya´s national day

This celebration is also called The Diada. It is celebrated on 11th of September. This day is all about demonstrations and some official ceremonies. At this day most of the businesses are closed (except Maremagnum shopping centre and some places in El Born and The Gotic Quarter). However at this day an entrance in some of the museums is free of charge (for example, the National Museum of Catalunya, the History Museum of Catalunya, El Born Cultural Centre etc.)

When: 11th of September
Where: different location all over Barcelona,
How much: cultural activities are for free.


FC Barcelona game against Atletico Madrid on 21st of Septemberat at Camp Nou.


Don´t forget that the Piknic Electronik Festival is still taking place in the Jardins Joan Brossa in Montjuic every Sunday.
And you still have an opportunity to have a Dinner with the stars in the Fabra Observatory.
For more information check your previous articles.

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Aug 17 2016

September in the royal city- Madrid

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Madrid is a city that is into many peoples´ bucket list. Check out what Madrid has to offer on September´16

Gran Vía (Madrid) _Events_September_files

Photo from Felipe Gabaldón´s album


In September there are various exhibitions in Madrid, such as:

Hieronymus Bosch

The largest retrospective of Hieronymus Bosch paintings ever compiled. The event is being held at the Prado Museum in Madrid in tribute to the 500th anniversary of the painter’s death.

Rafael Alberti said that he was “the greatest creator of dreams, of dreamlike nightmares, able to be burned into our memories forever.”

When? From May 31, 2016 to Sep 11, 2016
Where? Paseo del Prado, s/n 28014. Madrid
How much? 8-16 euro (for Children, Students, Disabled persons, ICOM members and associations and Large familiesenterance is for free)
Entry includes the collection and temporary exhibitions, and is valid for the entire day.

For more information, check the official website here.

Caravaggio and the painters of the north

An exhibition that focuses on Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (Milan, 1571 – Porto Ercole, 1610) and his influence on the northern European artists who were fascinated by his painting and disseminated his style.  

When?  From Jun 21, 2016 to Sep 18, 2016
Where? Paseo del Prado 8 28014. Madrid
How much? 8-12 euro

For more information click here

Hiroshi Sugimoto. Black box.

´´Photography creates life and death situations.´´ /Hiroshi Sugimoto

A collection of 39 large format pieces from the past 40 years with which to discover the work of the renowned Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto.

When? From Jun 23, 2016 to Sep 25, 2016
Where? Paseo de Recoletos, 2328004. Madrid
How much? 3euro , Mondays are for free

More information here.


World press photo

A touring show of the best images published in communications media all over the world.

When? From Sep 29, 2016 to Nov 2, 2016
Where? LASEDE (COAM) Calle Hortaleza 63 Madrid
For more information click here

Cervantes at the palace

The Royal Palace joins in the celebration of Miguel de Cervantes on the 4th Centenary of his death, with an exhibition of works relating to the author, drawn from the Royal Collections. The exhibition brings together very diverse objects. A highlight is the only manuscript of the play ‘La Conquista de Jerusalén’, considered to be an original by Cervantes.

When? From Apr 23, 2016 to Dec 30, 2016
Where? Calle Bailén s/n 28071. Madrid
How much? 5-10 euro

Architecture week

For a week in the end of September/beginning of October, architecture takes centre stage in the city of Madrid.
This event is organized by the Official Architects' Association Foundation (COAM), and features numerous bodies, companies and institutions that have combined to offer a wide-ranging programme of activities related to architecture; everything from visits to buildings and guided routes, through to exhibitions, courses and lectures. There are also workshops for little ones to enable younger visitors to learn more about the world of architecture in an entertaining way.

When? From Sep 29, 2016 to Oct 9, 2016
Where? COAM-LaSede c/ Hortaleza, 63 28004. Madrid
For more information, click  here.


DCODE festival

A one day festival that takes place into Madrid will be visited by many famous artists; one of them is going to be Zara Larsson.
When? 10th of September
Where?  Campus Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Calle del Arquitecto López Otero MadridSpain
More information at the official website



Photo from 


Ricky Martin 
One World Tour 2016

When? September 16, 2016 – 9:30 PM
Where? Palacio Vistalegre calle Utebo MadridSpain


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

This is the largest platform to promote Spanish fashion on the international scene, gathering the best current international designers in the city of Madrid .
The event showcases products like fashion pavilions, apparels, gem and jewelry, fashion trends and entertainment, food items with cold drinks etc. in the Apparel & Clothing, Cosmetics and Beauty Products, Fashion, Gems & Jewelry, Lifestyle & Fashion, Textile, Fabrics & Yarns industries.

When? from 16th September to the 22th September 2016
Where? Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I Madrid, Spain.

For more information click here




Fashion’s Night Out 2016

Shops around town roll out the red carpets, truck in designers, models and celebs, and pour the champagne for limited edition sales, special discounts and a multitude of in-store events. Many are invitation-only, but a fashionable outfit, handsome faces and a bit of attitude will often get you far.

Expect the ladies to be out in force – female and male – for a bit of shopping and/or freeloading and celebrity spotting, so do dress up, you never know who you might run into.

When? September 8, 6pm-11pm
Where? All around Madrid, Most activities in Salamanca and along Fuencarral
Free: Register online for invitation
More information and registration here



If you are planning to come to Madrid and are looking for somewhere to stay then check out Habitat apartments where you will find a whole range of different apartments throughout the city. Featured below is the lovely Castellana Deluxe apartment which comfortably sleeps 6.


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Jul 19 2016

Madrid Events August 2016

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Madrid is not only the capital city of Spain, but it is also one of the highest capital cities in Europe; it is 646 meters above sea level. It is a place where Penelope Cruz, Placido Domingo and Enrique Iglesias have born…

Come and enjoy this Royal city, there is going on a lot in August!

Madrid Night



The series of popular festivals in Madrid begin with the San Cayetano Festival, it is followed by the Feria de San Lorenzo, and conclude with the most important of them all, the Feria de la Virgen de la Paloma. In this time (first half ot the month) you can hear music in the streets and see lanterns that are hanged out form balconies and terraces, you will be welcomed to join the attractions and competitions, watch performances, dance, taste lemonades, tapas, paellas and hot chocolate with churro doughnuts and to view concerts.


Veranos de la Villa 2016

Veranos de la Villa 2016 presents a wide range of content for the entire city and absolutely everyone in it, including folk, classical, jazz, electronic and flamenco music as well as sport, circus, dance, local festivities and gatherings by, for and with people of all ages. Veranos de la Villa will be present in city’s 21 neighborhoods. The aim is to bring culture to all citizens of all ages and in the neighborhoods where this kind of offer could not be enjoyed traditionally.

In addition to music, film, theatre or dance, the event includes also activities such as kite flying, zarzuela concerts by bicycle, circus shows amid the pine trees, ballroom dancing in front of the Royal Palace  or salsa in the Plaza de La Remonta and a floating cabaret in the lake at Casa de Campo. The event is of high quality and affordable for all: 80 percent of the activities are free and the rest are at affordable prices (between 3 and 12 euros).

For more information have a look at the event’s homepage by clicking here.

Veranos de la Villa 2016 Madrid
Photo from


PHotoEspaña 2016

From 1 June to 28 August, Madrid is home for a new edition of the classic International Photography and Visual Arts Festival, featuring numerous exhibitions with a particular focus on European artists.

Event claims to provide a panoramic view of photography on the European continent after covering photography in Spain as well as Latin-American. The artistic program for the Festival will include exhibitions commissioned from a range of specialists which seek to analyze the very concept of Europe; what it is, what it has been and how the continent as a whole is configured in social, geographic, political, economic or creative terms.

Go to PHotoEspaña 2016 web page by clicking here.

PHotoEspaña 2016 Madrid

Photo from



Cibeles de Cine is still continuing to impress us until the beginning of September.

Cibeles de Cine is running for already third year taking place in Glass Gallery (Cibeles Palace). Event is one of the eagerly-anticipated film, leisure and art offering of the summer, with the best national and international cinema, classics and premieres, accompanied by a wide variety of food and a programme of activities to complement the films that are being shown. 

In the event there will be showed over 70 films including classics, cult films, European and auteur cinema, as well as recent hit movies all shown in their original version with subtitles.


This is a MUST if you are visiting Madrid and are a movie lover.


General: €7

Groups: €6

Combined (including food): €12.50

Season passes: €27.50

Cibeles Midnight Movies (Fridays and Saturdays):

Ticket + drink: €9

Ticket + cocktail: €12


For more information click here.

Cibeles de Cine Madrid

Photo from


Flamenco by Rafael Amargo. Tiempo Muerto

The flamenco dancer from Granada returns to the stage of the La Latina Theatre with Tiempo Muerto 2. It is a new version of one of his most successful shows with which he has toured Spain and theatres and festivals all over the world, combining flamenco with urban dance.You can watch this show until 21st of August and prices are 20-40 euro.

For more information. click here.

Rafael Amargo. Tiempo Muerto 2. Flamenco. Madrid



Madrid Bullfight is taking place at Plaza de toros Las Ventas each Sunday.

Bullfighting is one of the expressions paid to the Hispanic culture, because its origins were in the Iberian territory in what is now Spain and Portugal today. It is considered as one of the oldest shows in the world.

More info.


If you are treveling with kids, don' t foget that there are various  amusement parks, museums and Zoo for kids in Madrid. for example, Parque de Atracciones, Zoo Aquarium, Parque Warner, Faunia and Natural Science Museum.

amusement park Madrid

If you are planning to come to Madrid and are looking for somewhere to stay then check out Habitat Apartments where you will find a whole range of different apartments throughout the city. Featured below is the lovely Latina Cubic apartment which comfortably
sleeps 4.


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Jul 15 2016

Barcelona Events August 2016

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Summer in the Mediterranean diamond Barcelona is full of experiences, adventures, joy and priceless moments. August in Barcelona is perfect month not only to enjoy the sun and beaches, but also to attend breath-taking fiestas that are taking places in different districts of Barcelona. August is going to pull you into the adventure whirligig of this exotic city.


Les Nits at Palau Güell (Nights at the Palau Güell)

The Parc Güell is certainly a place worth visiting, because of its unique architecture by the world famous architect Gaudi and of breathtaking views that take you to the whole different world.

Concerts are taking place at Palau Güell's rooftop terrace and they feature different musical styles and tastes. Price of the ticket is 35 euro in which a glass of cava, pica-pica (small Spanish snacks) and a guided tour through the park is included.

Upcoming concerts are in 4th, 11th and 18th of August.

Concerts begin at 21:30 and are 1 hour long; enterance is open from 20:30.

For more information, click here

Barcelona Park Guell



Summer Nights at Museu d’Història de Catalunya

Each Wednesday until August 10th music lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy jazz music on museum terrace which has amazing views to the port, and out to the sea. The concerts are in different jazz genres (including blues, gospel, soul, rhythm & blues and rockabilly).

Price of the ticket is 12 euro, it includes one free drink,entrance to the museum nad the concert.

For more information, click here.
Museu d’Història de Catalunya Barcelona


Música als Parcs (Music in the parks)

One of the outdoor activities that take place till the end of August is the Música als Parcs festival. As part of this festival, all sort of outdoor concerts are organized in various parks in the city. Music in the Parks includes 47 concerts in different styles, such as classical music, jazz, blues and choral offerings from music schools and orchestras.

All concerts are free of entry.

You can check the schedule here.


Photo from



Dinners with Stars

Those of you, who are gastronomy lovers, don’t miss the unique opportunity to have a dinner at the Fabra Observatory with a menu created by Guimerà, executive chef from Paradís Gourmet.
The evening consists of the finest cuisine dinner, served at dusk on the terrace, visit of the Observatory which includes not only wisit of the museum, but also observing stars and most part of the Solar System through the 1904 telescope, one of the largest and oldest telescopes still in use in Europe.

Are you fascinated by the idea of observing stars and dinning mean time? Click here for more information.

Fabra Observatory Barcelona



La Festa Major de Gracia

The Gracia Festival is one of the Barcelona's best, nicest, most festive and most welcoming street festival. The festival is very colorful and it fills many streets and plazas in the Gracia. It takes place from 15tht to 21st August. Everyone is wellcome to enjoy the beauty and charm of the fiesta.

For more information, click here.

La Festa Major de Gracia Barcelona

The picture is taken form


If you are planning to come to Barcelona and are looking for somewhere to stay then check out Habitat Apartments where you will find a whole range of different apartments throughout the city. Featured below is the lovely Casp apartment which comfortably sleeps 6.


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Jun 29 2016

World Travel Awards – Spain´s Leading Serviced Apartment Brand 2016

“The award goes to…” – Habitat Apartments? With this year`s nomination we gain once again the chance of retaining the award of Spain`s Leading Serviced Apartment Brand in the World Travel Awards 2016.


Since 1993 the World Travel Awards are decorating regional, national and international companies with this famous price to “support, promote and develop the global travel and tourism industry”. They should inspire participants to “continually raise the standards of their product and service offering”. The World Travel Awards could be seen as the “Oscars” of our sector.

We were honored 2014 and 2015 with this price but our goal is it to maintain it. To reach this objective we put much effort into improving our product – the superb apartments. Therefore high quality management and professionalism are the key components of Habitat Apartments. We pride ourselves in having an extremely attentive and well-trained customer service that are easily contactable and speak a variety of languages, so that we can answer the majority of our clients’ questions in their own language.

This year the World Travel Awards will be presented in Antalya, Turkey at the 27th of August. If you think we deserve to win then please vote for us, it´s very quick and easy! 

If you are planning to come to Barcelona and are looking for somewhere to stay then check out Habitat Apartments where you will find a whole range of different apartments throughout the city. Featured below is the lovely Barcelona Center Apartment which comfortably sleeps 6.


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