Featured Apartment of the month: Bailen Cosy

This beautiful and warm apartment is located near Arc de Triomf in the Eixample area which is the most extensive and populated area in Barcelona. You will find many things to do there as there are a lot of coffee shops, restaurants, and famous stores. Also, you will be able to see some of the main sights of the city without spending a lot of time to get there, you are close to beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella, which is excellent option to go there during the day as now the days will be very good and also, the famous Plaza Catalunya which is known as the very center of Barcelona.
Inside the Apartment
Bailen Cosy is a modern and comfortable apartment and so full of natural light. With an overall area of 60 m2, the apartment can comfortably accommodate 5 people. It has three bedrooms and one complete bathroom with a shower and one toilet. Also, provides you all the amenities that you need for having a very pleasant stay, like Wifi, air condition so you don’t have to worry if there are hotter or colder days.

BAILÉN COSY 12 e1582295890911 Featured Apartment of the month: Bailen Cosy
Bailen Cosy-Bedroom

Also, the living room is very modern but with a warm and cozy atmosphere. There is a comfortable sofa and coffee table and TV to spend relaxing days with your family or friends. The dining room and the living room are in the same open space in front of the table there is a very big window from where you can watch outside while you are eating.

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Bailen Cosy-living room

The kitchen space is filled with all the appliances needed to cook every meal of the day and be perfect. For sure you would love to stay in this beautiful and modern kitchen and you will feel as comfortable as being at home.

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Bailen Cosy-Kitchen

If you like the Bailen Cosy apartment you can go to Habitat Apartments' official website and book your stay.

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