Barcelona 2020: Which vehicles will not be able to enter it?

Here we will inform you of what cars cannot drive in Barcelona with the change of year and the prohibition for the most polluting cars that also affect other types of vehicles for driving in the city and what are the fines of the restrictions entails. 
From January 1, 2020, Barcelona bans access to the most polluting cars. Vehicles registered outside Spain are not classified according to the environmental criteria of the Spanish Traffic Authority DGT. Because of that, all foreign vehicles must be registered before they can drive in the low emission zone, an area 95 km 2 that covers almost the entire city and areas of the municipalities near like: Sant Adrià de Besòs, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Esplugues de Llobregat, and Cornellà de Llobregat. The Zona Franca and the Vallvidrera, Les Planes and Tibidabo districts are excluded.
The cars that cannot travel around Barcelona and in the low-emission are those that are not entitled to any DGT  environmental label. It affects the following vehicles:
•    Cars with engine gasoline registered before January 2000 and motor diesel registered before January  2006.
•    Vans registered before October 1, 1994.
•    Motorcycles and mopeds registered before 2003, before Euro 2.

%name Barcelona 2020: Which vehicles will not be able to enter it?
Vehicles | Picture courtesy of La Vanguardia

How will you know if the car is Euro 3 or Euro 2
The DGT has assured that it has left by mistake some vehicles without a tag that can travel around the ZBE. This happened because the DGT gave the tags based on the year of the license plate and some manufactures had previously applied emissions regulations to their vehicles. 
It is very important if the owner of the car that has no label suspects that he may be entitled to. He has to go to the place where he bought the car and will be given a certificate stating that it complies with Euro 3 or Euro 4, then must go to an ITV office to request a change in the vehicle´s technical data sheet. And when that is done he needs to do a third management run at DGT to get the environmental tag.
The fine for the violators of car regulations in Barcelona 2020: There is a camera system located at the entrances and will detect the offenders and there are various fines for those that are depending on the type of vehicle and the type of offense – mild,   severe or very serious.
For without a pollution episode the sanctions range from 100 euros to 999 euros, while when there is a pollution episode from 499 euros to 1.803 euros.

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