Temps de Flors: Girona Flower Festival

Girona Flower Festival 2012 by Cristina | flickr

Each year, during May, thousands of people from all over Spain travel to Girona to admire the historical city bedecked with floral displays. During this festival, visitors have a chance to not only satisfy the vision with colorful streets and displays at no cost but also access to the heritage and buildings that are not usually open for tourists.  

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Temps de Flors 2017, Girona by Joan | flickr

Girona Flower Festival

The first flower show is an indoor exhibition in Girona took place in 1955. Years passed, the competition had been moved around, to the most famous landmarks in the old city. Until 1993, it became an official flower festival in Girona with an enormous participation. Nowadays, the Flower Festival Girona is one of the biggest and most favorite festivals for many people living in Catalonia and Spain. 

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Girona Flower Festival by Joan | flickr

In order to welcome spring, more than 100 delicate flower decoration could be found in every corner of the city, especially near Cathedral steps, San Lluc church, San Felix basilica, and the Arab Baths. All floral decoration is made by professionals, amateurs and local people. Many places, which are not usually open for public, also take part in the festival and open the door with free entrance. 

If you are traveling to Girona, remember to take a Flower Festival map with a suggested tourist route not to miss any featuring spot. Along with the floral decorations in all shapes and sizes in parks, public gardens, near the churches, monuments and heritages, private gardens and courtyards are bedecked with floral decoration as well. 

Therefore, take your time to wander around the old city and enjoy adventure while admiring the attractions, historical building and finding the hidden “reward” in private gardens and corners anywhere in Girona.

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Looking down to the step in Girona by William | flickr

What else to expect?

During the Flower Festival in Girona, there are also 7th International Festival of A Capella Music and Gastroflors activity take place around that time. As a result, visitors may master all senses of the human when seeing of delicate and elegant flower displays in a live music environment. Once you are hungry, many restaurants in the city are willing to offer menus with blossoming flower as a special ingredient to wake up your taste.

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A meal with floral decoration in La Calendula restaurant during the festival | Google

From Barcelona to Girona

Girona is about one hundred kilometers from Barcelona. Take a train from Barcelona Sants. There is usually a discount for round trip to Girona for the festival. For more details, please visit the official website.  

A day trip to Girona is possible. However, if you would like to discover all the spots slowly, it is recommended to stay a night in Girona or avoid weekend, when huge numbers of people from other cities of Spain could visit as well. 

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A courtyard decorated with flowers by Maria Krupinska | flickr

Accommodation in Barcelona

With all of these activities, the Flower Festival of Girona is worth to be in your traveling list. If you are planning to visit Barcelona, Spain in May, stay with Habitat Apartments and spend a day trip to Girona for the Flower Festival is worth a look. One of our selection is ADN Ground Apartment, which is just 800 meter from Barcelona Sants Station.

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