The Complete Guide for Nightlife in Barcelona

Nightlife in Barcelona

Barcelona is a favorite destination for many young people who are coming here with their friends to explore the city during the day and party during the night.

Nightlife in Barcelona is perfect for students but it is great for all ages too. The city offers a wide variety of bars and clubs with all kinds of music (not just reggaeton ?) and the atmosphere can be different, depending on where you choose to go to. To make it easier for you, we made a list of tips for the nightlife in Barcelona which you can use as your personal guidelines while choosing the right place for the party.

Tip NO 1: Choose the best time for going out 

We recommend you to go out on weekends, when the city is more crowded and when all the bars and clubs are open. You can start your evening around 22:00 by gathering with your friends at a good Spanish restaurant, tapas bar or bar with free food. 

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Carrer Blai | Photo by Silvia Jané

Tip NO 2: Prepare yourself for a long night

Barcelona is the city where people are taking the nap during the afternoon and then parties till the sunrise. The evening usually starts around 2.00 am and often ends in the early morning hours. Most of the night clubs have free entrance before 1:00 am and they do not get crowded before that time.

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Siesta | Photo in courtesy of TripSavvy

Tip NO 3: Know the dress code and avoid the inconveniences 
In general, Barcelona does not have a dress code for the nightlife and you do not need to be dressed up or wearing high heels to get in most of the clubs. Still, it is not usual to see someone wearing running shoes or flip flops so, just in case, live them home and put some proper shoes on. Also, have in mind that this casual look does not apply to the upscale and posh clubs like Bling Bling, Sutton or Opium. These clubs are probably the best option for going out in Barcelona if you want to dress up and show your amazing outfit. 

Bling Bling
This is an exclusive and luxurious club in uptown Barcelona with laser shows, VIP table bookings, Guest List & Bottle Service. There is a wide range of nationalities and ages but one thing that they all have in common is that they dress to impress! If you want to get in you will need to pass their control so click on the Bling Bling dress code manual and see how you should dress for one of the most popular clubs in Barcelona.

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Photo in courtesy of Gallery BlingBling

Sutton is a large posh club that is in very high demand and has one of the strictest dress code rules in Barcelona. Dress code is rich, young and beautiful – so if you are planning to go out to the Sutton check their official list of recommendations for both men and women outfits because it is simply impossible to summer it up. 

ChrisBrown e1551782097471 The Complete Guide for Nightlife in Barcelona
Chris Brown at Sutton nightclub | Photo in courtesy of SuttonBarcelona

Opium is a well known sophisticated nightclub with strict dress code rules. Located just a few doors down from Pacha, this nightclub is the place for people who wear high-heels and designer labels. Modern and well-decored dance-floor is perfect for dancing to the electronic beats with a glass of champagne.

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Opium party | Photo in courtesy of YouBarcelona

Tip NO 4: Increase your chances of gaining entry into a club

Put your name on the Guest List if you are going to some of the popular clubs. You can do it online in just a couple of steps. In this way you will make it easier to get in because you will not have to wait in line, shuffling through the crowd. Also, some clubs have VIP access. You can buy a VIP card that allows you to change clubs in one night, entering back again and going wherever you want to go. 

Tip NO 5: Find the club that matches your style

From live music or world class DJ performances to alternative music – Barcelona really has it all! In most clubs dominates electronic music and some of the popular clubs brings the international DJs like Steve Aoki, Justice, Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Franz Ferdinand, and others, but there are also a lot of alternative clubs and bars, pop-rock places, and hip-hop sounds. That is why we are bringing you the list of the most popular clubs for different party styles:


Barcelona’s biggest and most popular club spread out over five rooms, each with a different musical theme! Located in an industrial part of El Poublenou not too far from downtown Barcelona you can listen to indie rock at the Razz Room or techno at The Loft and Lolita Rooms. The Pop Room and the Rex Room are more relaxed spaces playing pop, electro and disco music.

razzmatazz e1551782941451 The Complete Guide for Nightlife in Barcelona
Razzmatazz | Photo in courtesy of Eargasm

Open Air Club
The hillside park of Montjuic is the most famous place for open-air clubs in Barcelona where you can listen to popular sounds and electronic music under the night sky. The best club to go to is La Terrazza club that is open only during the warmer months.

LaTerrrazzaSonar e1551785076822 The Complete Guide for Nightlife in Barcelona
La Terrrazza Sonar | Photo in courtesy of La Terrazza Barcelona

Gran Bodega Saltó

Authentic spirit with a bohemian ambiance and extravagant interior makes this restaurant a very unique place. Gran Bodega is the bar where you can eat good food, drink vermouth and enjoy a good time with your friends while listening to Rumba Catalana – a mixture of flamenco rumba, Cuban music, and rock’n’roll. Entry is usually free but we recommend to come early enough for getting the best table.

vermutmusical e1551789793728 The Complete Guide for Nightlife in Barcelona
Gran Bodega Saltó | Photo courtesy of Le Cool Barcelona

Otto Zutzz
Otto Zutzz used to be a textile factory outside the Gràcia neighborhood, but now has two stories and a terrace in a style of industrial New York clubs. They play different styles of music in different rooms but this club is most popular for being one of a few clubs in Barcelona that plays hip-hop music.

portada otto e1551789003609 The Complete Guide for Nightlife in Barcelona
Portada Otto | Photo in courtesy of Knowing Barcelona

Sidecar Factory Club and Apolo Club

If you are more alternative type than you should go out on Crappy Tuesdays – when most of the alternative clubs, like Apolo or Slider, are open ranging from pop-rock to indie tunes. Apolo is one of the most authentic nightclubs in Barcelona, playing a mixture of different sounds like punk, rock or indie tunes. Also, One of the most popular alternative clubs is Sidecar – a place where you can listen to guttural rock’n’roll, punk and garage rock, six nights a week and listen to international music players or local bands. Fun fact is that Sidecar hosted more than 4,000 concerts since they opened in 1982

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Sidecar club Barcelona | Flickr

Jamboree Jazz Club
Jamboree is one of the best jazz clubs in the city with live performances of great jazz players but it is is also a place for the hip-hop and R&B scene. Jamboree is open every day of the week and attracts a different type of people who just want to hear a piece of good music and have a fun night out.

Jamboree Jazz Club Barcelona e1551792898370 The Complete Guide for Nightlife in Barcelona
Jamboree Jazz Club | Picture courtesy of WelcomeToBarcelona

When it comes to nightlife in Barcelona – No matter where you go, you will definitely have a great time. Still, if you do not like clubs, you can relax outside in the squares, streets or beach and enjoy a couple of beers with your friends or with some local people.

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