5 most known jazz musicians in Barcelona

Jazz musicians in Barcelona

In the past few years, Barcelona has become a home for many jazz events and more and more jazz singers are coming to perform in this great musical city. You may know about the jazz festival that is happening every year in Barcelona but you may not know the 5 most known jazz musicians who enriched the Barcelona’s jazz scene.

Marco Mezquida

Music teacher, composer, and famous jazz musician, known as one of the Marco MezquidaTrio – Mezquida won admiration from the Spanish public. Because of his amazing piano solos, he performed at Barcelona’s most respected music venues, such as the Palau de la Música Catalana. He also won three awards for the Musician of the Year by the Jazz Music Association of Catalonia and played in 30 recorded albums.

Marco Mezquida Trio Bilbaina Jazz Club e1556810011689 5 most known jazz musicians in Barcelona
Marco Mezquida Trio | Bilbaina Jazz Club

Albert Cirera

Cirera is a well-trained violinist and famous saxophonist, known for his vigorous and experimental sounds inspired by classical jazz. You may know him as a member of his quartet Albert Cirera & Tres Tombors or Duot – that received the AMJM award for best new Catalan jazz band.


Carlos Falanga

Falanga is from Buenos Aires (Argentina) but when he was twenty-two years old he decided to move to Barcelona where he continued to study piano and drums. In 2015 he released his first album Grand Coral after which he released the second one – Quasar. He collaborated with a lot of jazz musicians from Barcelona and has gained many fans all over the world.

Carlos Falanga 2017 e1556810067734 5 most known jazz musicians in Barcelona
Carlos Falanga 2017


Octavio Bugni

A passionate musician, composer, and producer, Bugani recently released his first solo album – Cruzar Mundos. He was born in Argentina but moved to Barcelona which you can see in the album that reflects his personal journey through the music. He is famous for his own compositions, as well as his versions of classic tracks by Jimmy Rowles, McCoy Tyner, and Tom Jobim.

octavio bugni esm jam session e1556810189189 5 most known jazz musicians in Barcelona
Octavio Bugni | Jam Session

Jaume Llombart

After gaining knowledge at the Catalan College of Music, this great musician has become one of the rising stars of Barcelona! He released his first album Live at Robadors23 back in 2001 with his Jaume Llombart Sextet and know performs regularly across all of Catalonia playing the songs from his first solo album – Solo.

Albert Cirera Photo courtesy of Albert Cirera e1556810281617 5 most known jazz musicians in Barcelona
Albert Cirera | Photo courtesy of Albert Cirera


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