Cheap Eats in Barcelona

Cheap eats in Barcelona

Discover one of the world most beautiful cities through its amazing cuisine that is in your budget!

Every person visiting Barcelona wants to grab a good piece of food at a low price. Barcelona has a great mix of different cuisines, but if you are new in town you will probably struggle to find a quality food at a reasonable price. To make it easier for you, we made a list of places where you can eat for – around 10.00€ or less.

We listed some of the restaurants, street foods, and bars that offer local and traditional food like pintxos, as well as Mediterranean style restaurants so you could uncover the Spanish culture through its local ingredients. However, we did not forget to mention the best daily offer, street food, pasta or veggie lunch in town.

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Paella | Photo courtesy of SailingEurope

We were looking for quality food, good portions, great reviews, and low prices so if you follow our list below, you´ll be able to find at list one place to eat that is perfect for you and your wallet.

Blai Tonight
What to eat: Local food – Pintxos

Price range: 1,00 € 
Pintxos (pinchos) can  easily be described as tapas on bread, but they are actually so much more than that. Depending on the bar or restaurant that serves this little treats, Pintxos can be hot or cold, with meat, seafood or vegetables, and they can even be sweet. The combinations of ingredients are endless so feel free to try at least a couple of them. The best place to go is Calle Blai – between Tapioles and Roser streets. Here you can find a dozen of bars serving pintxos with beer or wine for just 1,00€.

Our favorite pintxos bar is Blai Tonight. This is a small bar on Calle Blai that opens at 7:00 pm every day. They serve about 30 different types of pintxos for 1€ each. You can listen to some good music, try as many pintxos that you can eat, and when you are finished eating, count the toothpicks and pay the bill accordingly.

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Carrer Blai | Photo by Silvia Jané

Bar Xapako
What to eat: Local food – Tapas

Price range: 2€ – 25€

This is a place where you can eat tapas or have dinner in the family atmosphere while drinking quality drinks at very low prices. They have a nice atmosphere with good music and availability to watch football matches and sporting events. Comments and reviews for Bar Xapako bar are excellent and here are a few of them:

This was by far the best tapas experience I have had in Spain. Amazing prices and value for money and the host is absolutely exceptional, makes you feel like home.

Food is real, local, tasty, a variety of tapas that I can not even name, with wonderful croquettes, ham, olives, cheeses, sausages, that go so well with the beer… Paco is a great host that knows perfectly his job and treats wonderfully his guests. Our sincere recommendation for Bar Xapako!

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Tapas | Picture courtesy of Gran Via Capital

Bar Santa Fe
What to eat: Steak menu
Price range: 3€ – 14€

In Wellington 17 street, one block from Ciudadella Park lies Bar Santa Fe. In this restaurant, you can order a giant plate with a steak, rice, beans, vegetables and a fried egg with a drink and dessert – for only 10.50€!

It is clear why this is one of the best places for having a proper lunch with a high value of the meal. The comments for this restaurant are great and the atmosphere seems to be good too so we recommend this place for every hungry person in Barcelona.

Santa Fe Tripadvisor e1551362096730 Cheap Eats in Barcelona
Santa Fe | Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

What to eat: Street food – sandwich
Price range: 3€ – 6€

Teddy's street food is a fusion of Lebanese, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine where you can try "saj" sandwiches – baked on the spot. The fresh dough is hand rolled, spread on a cushion, and slammed on a hot convex griddle. While cooking, the bread is topped with unique, fresh and artisanal ingredients. If you do not know what to pick – we recommend you to try the house specialty "El Famoso" with a rich blend of goat cheese, onion and tomato or thyme and sesame salsa saj, known as 'zaatar'.

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Teddy's Barcelona | Groupon


Musiú restaurant 
What to eat: Pasta 
Price range: 4€ – 12€

Musiú restaurant menu consists of many kinds of pasta, focaccias, piadinas and salads that are good, pretty and cheap. For just 6 € you can order a delicious pasta with extremely rich and creamy sauce. Majority of their dishes are made in an artisan workshop and are based on fresh and healthy ingredients.

Captura 8 Cheap Eats in Barcelona


Toma Ya Street Food
What to eat: Seafood street food
Price range: 4€ – 8€

This  5-star street food with a Certificate of Excellence is located in Gracia, in Carrer Nil Fibra street. The idea behind Toma Ya is serving street food from around the world. It is a perfect combination of Peruano cuisine fused with flavors from the far east. If you want a casual and healthy lunch – this is a place for you. 

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TOMA YA Street Food | Facebook


The Pan's Club
What to eat: Vege quiche, salad or tart
Price range: 4€ – 10€

The Pan's Club is located in El Born district, 0.2 miles from Gothic Quarter. All of the ingredients are locally sourced and fresh. They produce their own dough in quiches and they use only the freshest fruit and mineral water in their smoothies. You can order vegetarian food, flexitarian lunch, savory snacks and sweet treats like cookies and brownies or some of the French favorites such as apple tart Tatin.

%name Cheap Eats in Barcelona
The Pan's Club | Photo courtesy of HappyCow


Now it’s over to you! After reading about these great places and menus you must be feeling hungry! The only thing that you need to do is to pick your favorite cheap place to eat in Barcelona and plan your visit there.


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