District of the month: Nou Barris

District Nou Barris

Nou Barris, or “nine neighbourhoods” in Catalan, is the most northern part of Barcelona. Obviously, the district originally consisted of nine neighbourhoods. Due to the development of the city, there are actually 14 of them now, and the district covers an area of 8.04 km2, but the original name still stands.

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An outlining street of the central park in Nou Barris


Having residents from all around the world and growing quite fast, the district is considered to be very diverse. Completely different than the city center, the district is very peaceful and quiet, and as there are barely any tourists, you can actually feel like a local discovering it. Even though a very relaxed neighbourhood means that there are not so many activities going on, but the familiar and friendly atmosphere where everyone knows each other makes up for it. What makes it distinctive, is that it is very urban and very green at the same time. Among the many green places in the district, you can find:

  • Parc de la Guineueta
  • Parc del Turó de la Peira
  • Parc Central de Nou Barris

All of the green areas in Nou Barris have their own jewels, but the most well known is the Parc Central of Nou Barris.

The Parc Central of Nou Barris

The central Nou Barris parc is the attraction point of the district being the second biggest parc in Barcelona (covering the surface area of almost 18 ha).

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The architectural elements in Nou Barris

Find charming architectural elements outlining the area of the parc as well as inside of it. You can find various old historic buildings serving a different purpose nowadays than in the past, and many new buildings as well adding to the overall diversity of the parc and the district itself.

Mirador de Torre Baró and Castell de Torre Baró

If you want to enjoy an excellent panorama of Barcelona and the surrounding area, Mirador de Torre Baró is definitely a place to do it. The viewpoint sits on top of the Torre Baró hill, which was named after old towers. It is the perfect place to see the development of the city by watching the growing working-class districts. A must-see in Nou Barris is the Torre Baró castle which can also be found on top of the hill, close to the viewing point.

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Castell de Torre Baró in Nou Barris

After a day strolling in parks and getting to know Nou Barris, you will most likely get a bit hungry. Go to Passeig Valldaura and Via Júlia – the busiest streets of the district for some restaurants as well as stores to shop in if you are craving that.

Looking for an area filled with restaurants, bars, sights and tourists? Nou Barris is definitely not the place for you. But if you are searching for a peaceful day surrounded by greenery, friendly locals and some architectural jewels, visit it. A bit of both worlds is the best solution, therefore a day trip to the district is a definite must-do.

Accommodation in Barcelona

batllo balconies apartment barcelona balcony bedroom 4 e1539075646973 District of the month: Nou Barris
Double bedroom in Batllo balconies apartment

The Nou Barris is only one of the districts in Barcelona, all of which are so different and exciting. If you are looking for accommodation in Barcelona and want to live in the heart of the city, with public transport nearby, then Batlló Balconies apartment is a great choice. This modern and comfortable apartment for up to 5 people will be a lovely place to rest after days filled with sightseeing.

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