March in Barcelona

March is a fantastic month to come to Barcelona as the weather would be good and warm. There are so many activities and events organized. Also, this time of the year is not the high tourist season so you will be able to enjoy the city more and to see a more local side of city life. So if you are thinking to visit Barcelona in March and you are wondering what´s going on in the city during the month here are some of the great things to do during March.
The Sweetest celebration in Barcelona 
In 3rd of March, in the Gràcia neighborhood takes place Sant Medir festival which is called “Sweetest Festival” it gets that name because there are dozens of local groups who are riding their horses, or they are on carriages and tucks and parade around the streets throwing candies and sweets to people so if you are in Barcelona with your children, they definitely love this celebration and also it would be a funny experience for you too. Around 60 tons and more are given every year, can you imagine that?! The parade starts at 8 pm and goes down at Carrer Gran de Gràcia and it ends at Jardinets de Gràcia with many fireworks. Also, you will see a lot of people holding their umbrellas and is not because of the weather, it will not rain but the umbrella is a great candy-catching device if you turned it upside down, so make sure that you will carry your umbrella. 

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Sant Medir Festival | Picture courtesy of be local tours barcelona

International Beer Festival 
If you are a beer lover then this festival is totally for you. This year is celebrating the 8th anniversary. There are so many people who enjoy it. There is also an international competition which is known as Barcelona Beer Challenge. This event takes place for 3 days at La Farga de l’Hospitalet, so be prepared to taste a lot of beer. The festival has an entrance fee and it is usually around 10 Euros, for that price you will get a glass and two coins to start the tasting, the price of additional coins is 1 Euro per coin. The dates are from 13th to 15th of March.

Beer Festival Picture courtesy of CocoVail Beer Hall e1581690548861 March in Barcelona
Beer Festival | Picture courtesy of CocoVail Beer Hall

Saint Patrick’s Festival
This is not a completely Catalan tradition but you can still enjoy it and have fun. The best place, of course, to celebrate it is the Irish pubs which are many in Barcelona. The date of this celebration is on the 17th of March, the day marked by the death of Saint Patrick, the most celebrated patron saint in Ireland.

Saint Patricks day Picture courtesy of Dónde Ir e1581691190398 March in Barcelona
Saint Patrick's day | Picture courtesy of Dónde Ir

The Barcelona Marathon
A big city Marathon is always a really good community event and of course, it doesn’t matter if you want to run or just watch and cheer on the participants. But if running is your thing then this event is perfect. The Marathon`s route will bring you to a fantastic sightseeing tour of the city´s attractions like La Sagrada Familia, Passeig de Gràcia or Arc de Triomf. If you are not a  running person don’t worry, there are concerts and stopping points along the way where you can cheer on the participants. The date is on the 15th of March.

Barcelona Marathon Picture courtesy of World´s Marathons e1581691725141 March in Barcelona
Barcelona Marathon | Picture courtesy of World´s Marathons

Rally Barcelona-Sitges 
This is a very special race between Barcelona and the nearby seaside town of Sitges that happens for over 60 years now. It is an event where classic cars dating back to pre-1924 are driven between Barcelona and Sitges. But you will not only see the cars also the drivers and passengers are all required to dress up like back in time in the period that the vehicles were built. Usually, the rally leaves from the Plaça Sant Jaume at 10:30 am on Sunday 22 of March, going via La Rambla and the Plaça Catalunya. It will bring you to a vintage atmosphere.

Rally Barcelona Sitges Picture courtesy of Eix Diari e1581692008998 March in Barcelona
Rally Barcelona-Sitges | Picture courtesy of Eix Diari


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