April in Barcelona

April in Barcelona

April in Barcelona is full of events for all ages. Except for the Easter and Holy Week, there will be Sant Jordi’s DayEarth Day and Feria de Abril. Look at our selection of events in and see what is the best one for you. 

Semana Santa 
When: April 14th – 21st
Where: Barcelona's streets
In Spain, the Holy Week is one of the most celebrated Catholic events. Every year, one week before Easter, religious Spanish brotherhoods (cofradía) and fraternities gather in a large procession held on the streets in almost every Spanish city. Most popular are the colorful processions in the south of Spain, but Barcelona also has a large and authentic local procession of men wearing long robes with pointed hoods so do not surprise if you see them or religious figures that are carried on the streets.

Captura 17 e1552385161793 April in Barcelona
Sagrada Familia | Flickr

Sant Jordi’s Day 
April 23rd
Where: La Rambla 
When you see thousands of roses filling the streets of Barcelona – you know what date is. Sant Jordi is a very special day because it celebrates the golden legend of Sant Jordi who is a co-patron saint of Catalonia for more than 500 years. The legend goes like this:
Once upon a time, a fearsome dragon was destroying a small village in Catalonia called Montblanc. People were frightened and hopeless so they decided to sacrifice one person every day so they could calm the anger of the dragon. The day has come when the king's daughter was supposed to be sacrificed but at the moment she was about to be eaten up by the dragon, a courageous knight, Saint George, killed the evil beast. A red rose grew from the dragon's blood and since then, it is a Catalonian tradition to give a rose to your loved ones. The new tradition is, however, to give a book as a sign of gratitude and that is why Barcelona is full of bookstalls and book markets on Sant Jordi's day.

Casa Mila 1 e1552385340686 April in Barcelona
La Casa Batllo | Photo courtesy of pastviewexperience

Feria de Abril – April Fair 
last week of April
Where:  Parc del Forum in the Diagonal Mar area
'Fira de Abril de Catalunya' or the Barcelona's April Fair is the traditional festival that has roots in Andalusia. The whole range of colors combined with good music and food are things that make this fun-fair pretty amazing.
La Sexta e1552061201834 April in Barcelona
Seville April Fair | Photo by Evrim Aydin Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

Fira de la Terra 
April 27th and 28th
Where: Nou Barris Central Park
Fira de la Terra is the Spanish way of celebrating Earth Day while promoting a better understanding of the environment. Earth Market offers outdoor markets, street performances, and activities for all ages aimed to draw attention to the negative impact of modern society on natural and social systems.
barcelona.cat  e1552061140862 April in Barcelona
April Fair | Photo courtesy of barcelona.cat
Weather in April
Temperatures will be between 17ºC and 22ºC (61ºF to 70ºF) so the only thing that you will need to bring in Barcelona is a light jacket and your desire to explore!

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