Events in Barcelona on week 12


Pi neighborhood celebrates its Festa Major, and the square and streets around it in Barrió Gótico will be full of different events.


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Festes de Sant Josep Oriol

This week is Festes de Sant Josep Oriol in Barrio Gótico neighborhood. The festival is celebrated in honor of Saint Joseph Oriol who was born and lived his life in the old city of Barcelona in the 17th century. At Plaza del Pi and Plaça Sant Josep Oriol where the festivity is organized you can see many Catalan traditions, as gegants, parades and dances. The festivities are going on from 16th to 26th of March.



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Barcelona Beer Festival

In the end of March during the weekend from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th is Barcelona Beer Festival. At the festival you can choose from around 450 different craft artisan beers from Spain and abroad. This year the Beer Festival is organized a little bit outside Barcelona, in La Farga de Hospitalet area. It’s easy to reach with the metro, train and buses.

From here you can read more information.



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Daylight Savings Time

Summer is almost here! Remember to switch your clocks to Summer Time hours on Sunday 26th of March. At 2 am in morning on Sunday put your clocks forward 1 hour from 2am to 3 am. This means you have 1 hour less to sleep that night. 

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