La Rambla

La Rambla is approximately 1.2 kilometers long and if you do not take a walk down when you visit, you would be one of the few as it is very popular amongst travelers. The street is packed with shops, restaurants, and bars from top to bottom and on both sides. Down the middle of the street you will find a walkway that has seats and stalls. The street starts at the center point of Barcelona, Plaça Catalunya, here you will find many popular shops like Urban Outfitters and The Apple store. The street is lively and very busy both during the day and at night.

La Boquería 
This is Barcelona’s most famous street market located on La Rambla. You will find a wide range of fresh meats, fish, fruits, vegetables and nearly anything you would need for a tasty dinner. In La Boquería you can also find delicious street food and even take a cooking class. In summary, this is the perfect place to experience the authentic Barcelona market life.

La Boquería Picture courtesy of Boquería Barcelona e1569401266451 La Rambla
La Boquería | Picture courtesy of Boquería Barcelona

Plaça Reial 
Positioned next to La Rambla, Plaça Reial holds a charming and warm feel. One of the first works of Antoni Gaudi were the famous lanterns around the square. The square also is home to many well-known restaurants and is the perfect setting for an unforgettable dinner.

Plaça Reial Picture courtesy of Timeout e1569401583926 La Rambla
Plaça Reial – Picture courtesy of Timeout

Miró Mural
The street of La Rambla is filled with history that people will just walk right past. One of the most commonly disregarded is the tile work of Joan Miró. This piece of work is even more significant if you think about just how much Joan influenced the design of the city. The Mural is located near the Liceu Theater and if you look closely you shall find a brick of the mural signed personally by Joan. 

Miró Picture courtesy of Culturetrip e1569401998840 La Rambla
Miró Mural – Picture courtesy of Culturetrip

Some Quick Tips

  • Prices of the cafes and food spots on the street are inflated due to the amount of footfall. If you are looking for reasonable pricing take a 5-10 minute walk away from the busy street where you will find a more relaxing setting.
  • Just like any highly busy tourist area, it is recommended that you keep a close eye on your belongings and avoid men asking for directions. The best tip is to keep your most valuable belongings behind zips to keep them safe.
  • If you want to experience Barcelona in a more relaxed way, something on this list may be more suited to your needs.


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