July in Madrid

In July, the weather in Madrid is really hot so you can be sure that there will not be any rain during your stay. In the early morning or during the evening, you can walk in the parks because the weather is cooler but during the hottest hours of the days, you can go shopping or visit museums because there is air conditioning everywhere so you will not suffer from the heat.
According to the events of this month, most of them are singing events as musicals and concerts. Check our list of the main events of July in Madrid!


Noches del Botanico
20 June to 31 July
In July, for almost a month and a half, the Real Jardín Botánico de Alfonso XIII is the theater of concerts for the fourth edition. From 20 June to 31 July, there will be 34 representations of various famous artists as Jane Birkin, LP, Keane, The Roots and Woody Allen that will perform for the opening night of this festival the 20th of June. For each concert, there will be different prices depending on each artist. 
These 6000m2 beautiful gardens are the perfect spot to attend concerts because they will take place in the open air so you will be able to eat and drink at the same time as watching the concerts. The festival organization will provide food trucks and a beer bar for all visitors and a design market with fashion and jewelry goods.

Noches del Botanico Picture courtesy of Noches del Botanico e1560941457572 July in Madrid
Noches del Botanico | Picture courtesy of Noches del Botanico

The Lion King Musical
Until 15 September
Until 15 September, you will be able to see the worldwide show “The Lion King Musical” that gathered more than 95 millions of spectators and won more than 70 prizes that made it one of the most successful musicals in Broadway. You will be thrilled by this musical adaptation of the Disney movie that praises family values in a spectacle with wonderful sets and costumes. If you like musicals, you should watch this show that stages great singers that perform in this musical with deep and sensitive voices.

rsz the lion king musical   picture courtesy of broadway world e1560941546851 July in Madrid

High Heel Race
4 July
During the Gay Pride of Madrid, a High Heel Race is organized each edition for various years now that is open to everyone. Participants do not have clothing obligation, but they only have to wear 10 cm to 15cm heels. This is not a usual race, there are challenges during it: they have to dress up while running and put some makeup. The winner will be able to win 350€. You can come to run this race or just to attend this event. Indeed, if you look for new events to discover in a good atmosphere, you will enjoy the High Heel Race.

High Heel Race Picture courtesy of The Guardian e1560941512611 July in Madrid
High Heel Race | Picture courtesy of The Guardian

Until 14 July
You are not dreaming! The musical Anastasia is coming to Spain and Madrid is the first European city to stage this musical. This Broadway show is based on the well known 1997 animated movie which is based on the legend of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. You will be able to hear two of the best songs of this movie. The American press is very positive about this musical and gives great reviews about the beautiful costumes and the talent of the singers that manage to pass deep emotions to the spectators.

Anastasia Musical Picture courtesy of Madrid Secreto e1560941709311 July in Madrid
Anastasia Musical | Picture courtesy of Madrid Secreto


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