May in Madrid

May in Madrid

Spring is fully blooming and the busiest month in Madrid is around the corner! All of the famous local fiestas are celebrated around the day of San Isidro so prepare yourself for the bouncy and festive vibe! 

May 1st is the Labor Day so don’t make any plans for this day because everything will be closed, form restaurants and bars to shops.

Dos de Mayo 
When: 2 May

May 2nd is a public holiday in Madrid honoring the bravery of Madrileños who rose up against the occupation of the city by Napoleon’s army. On this day, you will have a chance to see many military parades and festivals with live music around the Plaza del Dos Mayo.

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Esperanza Aguirre celebra la fiesta del 2 de mayo en Madrid |
 Feria de San Isidro
When: From 10 to 15 May

Madrid’s most important festival in the year is the day of the city’s Patron Saint – San Isidro Labrador. This is the perfect date for those who want to experience the culture and tradition of Madrid. Costumes, dances, traditional street food – everything will be there. 

A lot of events will be held on that day but the main will be the bullfight festival in the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas. If you come to Feria de San Isidro you will be able to see the greatest matadores who will gather on this prestigious event to show their skills in the largest bullring in the world.

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Feria San Isidro 2019 | Telemadrid

Madrid Tennis Open
When: From 3 to 12 May

For more than 12 years Madrid Tennis Open is bringing together the best tennis players in the world, just before the great Roland Garros. The action takes places in the Caja Mágica so get your ticket on time and cheer for your favorite tennis player fighting to be the best on the clay season!

madrid masters e1554893047783 May in Madrid
madrid masters

Carrera de la Mujer
When: 12 May 

On Friday, May 10, starting at 10 o'clock opens Women's Race Fair the largest women's sports event in Europe! Great weekend of the pink tide will gather thousands of women who will run in pink t-shirts in 7 kilometer-race so they could raise funds for the breast cancer research.

Carrera de la Mujer  e1554893077775 May in Madrid
Carrera de la Mujer |

What to do in Madrid
The cultural agenda in 'the city which never sleeps' is never empty. There are a vast number of bars and restaurants with great traditional food and there are many sites that you can visit in Madrid like Plaza Mayor in MadridEl Escorial or Las Ventas.

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From street food and tapas to Spanish specialties… you will find it all. See our selection of tapas bars and restaurants in Madrid!

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