September in Madrid

As temperatures start to cool down from the hottest summer months, we reach the seasonal bridge of September as we transition into Autumn. The city comes alive in this 30-day period with a range of activities for you to enjoy from cycling to cinema in the calmer weather.

Cibeles de Cine festival (closing weeks September 1-12th)
After a busy day in the city catching a late-night film in one of Madrid’s most iconic buildings is the best way to unwind. Cibeles de Cine cinema located behind the Plaza de Cibeles can hold up to 700 people and presents a high definition picture and ensures great sound quality with wireless headphones provided. Cibeles de Cine summer festival is coming to a close but don’t worry there is still 12 screening's left to enjoy. General admission for this event is very affordable at €6 with an option to buy a drink ticket combo for €12. There is one Screening every day starting at 10 pm with doors opening at 8 pm so you can get the perfect seat. You will be able to catch Quentin Tarantino’s latest blockbuster “Once upon a time in Hollywood” on the 2nd and 11th of September. Some other notable shows on are “The Lion King” screening on the 7th and “Blade Runner” on the 9th. Don’t worry if your Spanish isn’t up to speed as the films are presented in their original language with Spanish subtitles.

Cibeles de Cine festival by sunet cinema e1566289742411 September in Madrid
Cibeles de Cine Festival | Picture courtesy of Sunet Cinema

The final stage of La Vuelta Ciclista a España (15th September)
La Vuelta Ciclista a España is a cycling race that has taken place in Spain since 1935 and annually since 1955. The Tour is sectioned into 21 different stages and covers over 3000km, similar to the great biking races of the world (Tour de France & Giro d’Italia). Each stage is timed individually, once all stages are complete the times are compiled and the rider with the lowest combined time gets to wear the famous red jersey. Madrid marks the ending destination for the ride and the capital’s crowd applauds and gives a warm welcome to the fierce riders who have managed to complete such a difficult competition.

La Vuelta Ciclista flobikes e1566290065279 September in Madrid
La Vuelta Ciclista | Picture courtesy of Flobike

DCODE music festival 2019 (7th September)
Do you love music? If so, you are in luck as the annual DCODE festival takes place in the Capital this September. The live event takes place on the Complutense University campus and lasts for 18 hours. Some notable acts that will take the stage at this year’s event are Two Door Cinema Club, Kaiser Chiefs, and Amaral. Another great reason to support this event is that the organisers are aware of the damaging nature of music events and have put together a strategy to reduce the negative environmental impact of the event.

DCODE from Rocktotal e1566290280684 September in Madrid
DCODE Festival | Picture courtesy of Rocktotal

World Press Photo Exhibition 
The World Press Photo Foundation has been an integral part of photography in journalism for over 63 years. The ninth edition of this competition meets with the Spanish capital this September, with over 3000 photographers from 125 countries participating. If you attend this event you will see extraordinary stories from the previous year through the lens of the photographers. These photos play a big part in society as they can possibly “change public opinion” and move viewers conscience. The images that win each category will hang from the walls of The Cículo de Bellas Artes next to the famous Parque del Retiro for approximately one month. The amazing photo featured by Thomas P. Peschak titled "The jump" was awarded 2nd prize in the “Nature, Singles” category last year.

World press photo exhibition by Thomas P. Peschak e1566290339327 September in Madrid
World Press Photo Exhibition | Picture courtesy of Thomas P. Peschak

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