May in Madrid

May is the most favorite of Madrileños (people living in Madrid) for the reasons of festivals! Fiesta Dos de Mayo, San Isidro Festiva, Flamenco Festival Madrid, etc. What else do you know?

Day of Madrid Festival (Fiesta Dos de Mayo)
On May 2, people celebrate a public holiday, in honor of victory for people in Madrid for resisting the occupation of the city by Napoleon’s army in 1808. During this day, military parades and people dancing are taken place around Plaza del Dos Mayo and Plaza Puerta del Sol. The festival is seen as the City Day or Day of Community of Madrid

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Illustration 1 Fiesta Dos de Mayo by Imago On tour | flickr

San Isidro Festival
San Isidro festival is on May 15, in honor of San Isidro, well-known as Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of Madrid. From May 11 to May 15, there are a numerous of activities takes place such as live concerts in Las Vistillas, major bullfights in Las Ventas, competitions and open-air parties in the city. 

The tradition is people dance on street in early 1800s costumes, either chulapos or chulapas, with tight dress flared on knee or dark pants, white shirt and vest. The dancing is called chotis, a slow and traditional dancing type of Madrid, with origin from Scotland. Verbena is the term for the open-air party during the nights, with people dancing and celebrating. Do not forget rosquillas, a doughnut-looking fried batter with a hole, favored with sugars or syrups. 

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Illustration 2 San Isidro-Madrid May 2011 by André Scherpenberg-Dedsharp | flickr

Flamenco Festival Madrid
Flamenco is a professional art-form, originated in Andalusia, Spain in the 18th century. It includes singing (cante), guitar playing (toque), dancing (bale), vocalization (aleo), hand-clapping (palmas) and finger snapping (pitos).[1]

Started in 2015, Flamenco festival Madrid is an annual festival which is organized by the city council. With the participation of famous artists and young talents such as Antonio Canales, Carmen Cortés, Diego Carrasc, Belén López and La Lupi, this 4th edition Flamenco Festival 2018 promises to bring you a unique experience with avant-garde flamenco experience through flamenco shows and premieres.

Besides the shows, exhibitions, meetings, conferences, lectures, master classes and more would be held in the common area of the Fernán Gómez theater and the San Chinarro Cultural Center from May 16 to June 10. For program and tickets, please visit here.

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Illustration 3 A performance in Mira Theater of Pozuelo de Alarcón by Fernando Ocaña Fernández | flickr

Carrera de la Mujer
Woman’s race of Madrid takes place on May 6, 2018. On this day, about 8,000 pink t-shirts participant in the 6.3 km race. Known as the Pink Tie, the race starts at 09.00 on Sunday, May 6 in Madrid and all the fun raised in the day is donated to breast cancer research. Together with the race in Madrid, they are also organized in other cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla and Zaragoza in different dates. Please visit the official website for more information. 

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Illustration 4 Carrera de la Mujer by Eugenio Bonilla Calonge | flickr

Bullfighting (Corrida de Toros)
It is said that bullfighting was the embodiment of Spanish characteristics- expressive and passionate. While the standard bullfight season of Madrid is from March to the middle of October, the best performances and most important battles are from beginning of May to beginning of June.

During this San Siro Festival month, there is bullfighting every day, with the participation of the best matadors in the world. If you are in Madrid in May then bullfighting – a dangerous sport activity and a Spanish cultural tradition, is unmissable. For schedule and tickets, please visit the official website of Las Ventas

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Illustration 5 A bullfight in Las Ventas by Juan Pelegrín | flickr

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