Explore Barcelona by Following the Modernisme Route

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This route takes you through Barcelona, the city known as the world capital of modernisme architecture.


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Barcelona is famous for its modernisme buildings designed by the Catalan architects such as Antoni Gaudí, Josep Puig i Cadafalch and Lluís Domènech i Montaner. The Modernisme Route takes you through impressive houses, wonderful residences and of course the amazing Sagrada Familia as well as the beautiful Hospital de Sant Pau.

The specialty is that this route takes you also to the humbler and more everyday details – such as benches, lamps, shops and pharmacies. Over 120 works shows that modernisme still has a strong role in the architecture and appearance of the city. 



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For following the route you need to buy the Modernisme Route guidebook. You can find the guide from all the best bookstores in Barcelona, as well as from all the Modernisme Centers. The guidebook includes discounts, the Modernisme Route map showing all the 120 destinations, guide for bars and restaurants along the route and so on.

You can also follow the route by checking out small red paving stones on the streets. The signs are a part of the urban landscape of Barcelona and mark the main sections of the Modernisme Route.



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The Modernisme Route was established by the Municipal Institute for Urban Landscape and Quality of Life. All profit’s from the sale goes for protecting Barcelona’s modernist heritage.

You can read more about the Modernisme Route from here.



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