Jan 20 2017

Flower Shops in Barcelona

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On Valentine’s Day it’s common to surprise your loved ones with a bouquet of flowers.


Photo: xiquinhosilva / Flickr.com


Where to buy flowers

In Barcelona you will find many different kinds of flower shops all over the city. Here are some options:


La Rambla de les Flors

On the famous La Rambla is presented a wide range of flower shops. In the past, this was the only place in Barcelona where it was possible to buy plants and flowers. In April the stands are painted with red to celebrate the Sant Jordi festivity.


Au Nom de la Rose

Au Nom de la Rose is having two flower shops in Barcelona – one on street Carrer de Ganduxer in Sarrìa-Sant Gervasi neighborhood, and another on street Carrer de València in Eixample neighborhood.


Javier Manjarrés

If you want to have something special, Javier Manjarrés in El Raval neighborhood on street Carrer del Carme is your place to go. In this shop you will find a rose that will never wilt – the roses are made of old paper, and decorated with recycled dowel rods.



Flowers on delivery

Do you want to send flowers to someone’s home in Barcelona? Check out these internet stores:


Flowers to Barcelona

Barcelona Flower Shop

Interflora Barcelona


Photo: Premsa Ajuntament de Sabadell / Flickr.com


La Diada de Sant Jordi

La Diada de Sant Jordi, also called as El Día de la Rosa and El Dia del Llibre, is celebrated in Barcelona every year 23rd of April. It's known as the day of lovers, too.

Sant Jordi is a Catalan traditional holiday, with some similiraties to Valentine's Day. Historically men gave women a rose, and in exchange women gave men a book. "A rose for love, and a book forever" as it was said. The same tradition is still going on, even though in modern days mutual exchange of books is also conventional.

During this day the streets in Barcelona and all over Catalonia will be crowded with people, and you will see most of the women walking with roses in their hands.

Rose selling stands and book shops are set up everywhere, and in the evening of the day around 6 million roses and 800 000 books will be sold. In 1995 UNESCO adopted 23rd April as World Book Day.


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