Get yourself a full Hotel Experience!

Habitat Apartments offers additional extra services to make your stay even more enjoyable. Please have a look at our extra towels package and maid services.

Arriving in Barcelona, and you noticed that you forgot to bring extra towels or do not have enough space to bring them? We provide you with one extra set of fresh towels, for an additional cost of only 5€.

extra towels set carrusel 1 Get yourself a full Hotel Experience!

Nobody likes to clean in general, especially not during their holidays! We can provide you two cleaning packages.

  1. The basic one hour cleaning. The package includes a full cleaning of the bathroom area, as well as the kitchen and bedrooms. The basic option does not feature a change of bed sheets. For 35€
    complete maid service 2 Get yourself a full Hotel Experience!
  2. For an additional 25€, the complete cleaning of the apartment includes a change of bed linen and towels, next to the one hour cleaning of bathrooms, kitchen, and bedrooms. For 60€
    complete maid service Get yourself a full Hotel Experience!

If you wish to have extra cleaning services during your stay at the apartment, we will be happy to offer them to you. You can buy these features, while booking your apartments online or add them after your arrival.

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