February in Barcelona

Barcelona always is a perfect choice for your vacation because is an incredible city and one of the most popular tourist destination in Europe. With many sunny days that you would love to take a walk on the beaches, outdoor markets, restaurants, and churches. Barcelona is one cosmopolitan city with a unique culture and a lot of architecture. All the churches and museums will draw you into the city´s amazing history and culture. Also, you will definitely enjoy the nightlife, there are some really good clubs (you can check some of the best clubs here: The complete guide for Nightlife in Barcelona), so if you like to party you should go there will fascinate you. In addition in February, it would be a great and quiet time to go to Barcelona as it gives you the chance to go sightseeing without battling too many crowds, so this is your last chance to enjoy the top sights because in March begins the high season. So if you are visiting Barcelona in February take a look at what you need to know and what to do in the city.

Santa Eulàlia Festival (7th to 12th February 2020)
Santa Eulàlia is the patron saint of Barcelona city and lived in the Roman period. This Festival is Barcelona´s biggest annual festival for children and not only. It is popularly known as La Laia. It takes place at many venues all over Barcelona but mostly it is in Ciutat Vella the old city of Barcelona. This Festival program has more than activities concerts and events. For sure you will enjoy it, there are Catalan traditions like parades with giants and other strange and fantasy figures, there are also Castellers human tower building which is amazing to see it and other activities like family workshops, puppets, and concerts.

santa eulalia2 e1579090727906 February in Barcelona
Santa Eulàlia Festival | Picture courtesy of gobarcelonatours.com

Barcelona Carnival (20th to 26th February)
The Carnival takes place according to the date that Easter falls on. It is the time before lent starts. The carnival officially starts on Greasy Thursday and is the day that you must drink and eat as much as you can before the 40 days of fasting begins. A character called the Carnival King often leads the carnival celebrations, arrives on Thursday and marks the start of the festivities. In Barcelona, there is no longer one big parade as each neighborhood has its own small one. The locals really love that festival and the party attitude and all those amazing costumes for sure worth the trip.

Barcelona Carnival Picture courtesy of Rove.me  e1579091050465 February in Barcelona
Barcelona Carnival | Picture courtesy of Rove.me

Sagrada Familia
The Sagrada Familia is a Roman Catholic church, designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. It is unfinished because its construction progressed slowly and was interrupted by the Spanish Civil War. The completion is expected to be in 2026. It is one of the most famous sightseeing in Barcelona. Sagrada Familia was also declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The church is huge and the architecture outside and inside is unique. Your visit for sure would be memorable.

Sagrada Familia Picture courtesy of GetYourGuide e1579091378382 February in Barcelona
Sagrada Familia | Picture courtesy of GetYourGuide

How is the weather in February
The weather in February in Barcelona generally is good. During the daytime averages around a maximum of 15 ºC and dropping down to 9 ºC during the later hours. Also, there are not many rain days, usually, there are 5 rainy days on average in February. As the days are sunny with blue skies and warm enough it would be perfect for your walks all over the city especially on Barceloneta that is the seaside of the city and one good choice spending one beautiful morning.


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