Sants is a neighborhood in the southern part of Barcelona, Sants is one of the ten neighborhoods that are at the district of Sants-Montjuïc and is bordered by the districts of Eixample to the northeast, Les Corts to the northwest, and by the municipality of I’Hospitaletde Llobregat to the south. Sants is a neighborhood with a clear identity because of the historical origins that it has. It was the main core of an independent village until 1897 when it became part of Barcelona. Today it is mainly famous for being the location of the main train station, that connects the city with hundreds of destinations. But also there many things that you can and do in the neighborhood of Sants.
Mercat de Sants
Like so many neighborhoods in Barcelona, Sants has its own market. The Sants market opened in 1913, on land previously known as the Hort Nou. It is located in a beautiful and modernist building designed by Pere Falqués. About the decoration, it has three arched windows on which there is a mosaic with the old shield of the city. There is also a set of narrow windows with green ceramic pieces. It stands as one of the best and most traditional places to go shopping in the neighborhood. In the Mercat de Sants, you can find 35 food stalls, 14 clothing, and household stalls and a supermarket.

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Mercat de Sants | Picture courtesy of Aitor Estévez Olaizola

Parque de la Espanya Industrial
The most important park in this area is Espanya Industrial Park which is designed in 1985, by architect Luis Peña Ganchegui and Francesc Rius, the park is one of the sites that show the strongest connection to the neighborhood´s industrial park, it has an area of 11 acres and it offers a lot of greenery next to a small artificial lake from which boat trips are possible. There are also fountains and sports fields. This would be a very pleasant area to go with the family or some friends for having a picnic, exercising outdoors or to take tour pets for a nice walk.

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Parque de L'Espanya Industrial | Picture courtesy of pinterest

Montjuïc castle
For those who want to admire fantastic views, Montjuïc castle is the best destination. Standing on a vantage point 173 meters above the port it has a complete view of the city below, great for taking some amazing photos. It is an old military fortress with roots dating back from 1640, built on the top of Montjuïc hill in Barcelona.

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Montjuïc castle | Picture courtesy of La Guía de viaje

MinE is a good option after many hours of walking to enjoy tasty food. It is a restaurant since 2012 and it serves Catalan-French fusion dishes which are exquisitely prepared. In this place, you can taste the famous paella cooked with shrimp soup and a mixture of squid and chicken with Spanish sofrito, garlic, and parsley topping wild pargo fish, grilled and finished with a fruity white wine and so many other delicious food and drinks that you should taste. Also, it has a pleasant atmosphere.

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MinE restaurant | Picture courtesy of OpenTable


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