December in Barcelona

December in Barcelona


The year is almost over and Christmas is around the corner. During this time, Barcelona is glowing in Christmas lights and is really beautiful to walk through.

Let's have a look on how Barcelonians get themselves into the Christmas Spirit

Christmas in Poble Espanyol

As every year, Poble Espanyol transforms itself into a winter wonderland. This year, there will take place two big events.

The regular Christmas in Poble Espanyol – Santa Claus starts from 6th until the 10th of December.

During these days, visitors are able to experience Christmas in Catalan traditional way, with live nativity scenes, traditional Catalan meat stew (escudella), and the making of the Tío (a wood log pooping out the gifts).

On Plaza Mayor, you can immerse yourself in the Christmas Market, with many stands selling Christmas decorations, foods and crafts.

Poble Espanyol also offers plenty of activities for children, such as workshops, animation, performances, film projection, and most importantly a visit to Santa Claus' house.

Los Reyes Magos Poble Espanyol December in Barcelona

Illustration 1 The Three Kings

Christmas activities will continue again from the 21st of December until the 5th of January.

From 22nd to 24th of December, children can give their wishlist to Santa Claus, or to the Three Kings from 25th of December to 5th of January.

To buy tickets, go visit their website.


Pesebre at Plaça Sant Jaume

As every year, the traditional (not so traditional) nativity scene, called pesebre in Catalan, will be set up at Plaça Sant Jaume.

The crib is designed in a traditional and contemporary style, which changes every year.

Last year, Barcelona Council paid tribute to Catalan poet Josep Visenç Foix, by integrating his nativity poem into the installation.

img memartinez 20171121 161004 imagenes lv terceros pessebre 2017 kuZC 992x558@LaVanguardia Web December in BarcelonaIllustration 2 Pesebre 2017 in Barcelona

This year, you can already see the Pesebre from afar. This year's installation, designed by Jordi Darder, consists of 25 methacrylate figures, representing 25 characters of the traditional crib.

You can visit the Pesebre from 24th of November until the 7th of January.

For more information, visit Barcelona's official website.


Fira de Santa Llúcia

11287003483 3338b35a62 k December in BarcelonaIllustration 3 Fira Santa Llúcia by Comu de Sant Julia Loria | flickr


Dating back to 1786, the traditional Christmas Fair has expanded up to over 300 stalls, selling all kinds of Christmas related things. The Christmas Market is originally located at Avinguda de la Catedral and takes place from 24th of November until 23rd of December. Visitors can find different stands selling decorations, Christmas trees, nativity figures and gifts of all kinds.

For more information, please click here.


Sagrada Familia Market

Another, though smaller Christmas Market, is the one at Sagrada Familia. The Christmas Fair has been around since the 1969s. With around 100 stalls, you can buy handcrafted products related to Christmas. What makes it so outstanding is its perfect location right next to the basilica Sagrada Familia.

This market is open from 1st of December until 23rd of December.


Nadal & Sant Esteve

Nadal and Sant Esteve translates to Christmas day and Boxing day. Catalands start their Christmas day with the "Missa del gall", which is held at dawn. Afterwards, the family get together and enjoy a nice Christmas meal, traditionally comprised of escudella i carn d'olla (meaty stew), seafood and roast truffled turkey, and turrón for dessert. The Caga Tío brings small gifts, but the main gift unwrapping doesn't happen until 5th of January (Cavalcada dels Reis).


Cap d’Any

New Year's Eve is celebrated more or less with the family. Typically, the family gets together for the last dinner this year, and only after midnight does one venture out for a party in the city.

Wearing red underwear should bring you luck for the next year, another tradition is to eat 12 grapes, one for each bell chime. It is more difficult than it sounds!


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