March in Madrid

Madrid | Photo by Abbie Bernet | Unsplash

The city is waking up

Now is the time when, after two cold months, everyone in Madrid starts looking for outdoor activities and entertaining events. That is why we are bringing you the list of most popular events in March that you can visit in Madrid!

Photo courtesy of Comunidad de Madrid e1550573446546 March in Madrid
Photo courtesy of Comunidad de Madrid

International Festival of Magic

When: From Wednesdays to Sundays, each week from 7th February to 10th March
Where: Teatro Circo Price
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The eighth year in a row, the professional Illusionists and magicians from all over the world will be performing in Madrid with regard to the International Festival of Magic.

Cartel del Festival Internacional de Magia de Madrid Photo couresy of Europa Press e1550573140843 March in Madrid
Cartel del Festival Internacional de Magia de Madrid | Photo courtesy of Europa Press

This spectacular and entertaining event will take a place in Teatro Circo Price, where you will be able to see the unique performances of Chaix Brothers, Vik & Fabrini, Hannah, Read Chang, Miguel Muñoz, Ding Yang, Jorge Blass, David Burlet and others. For those who are generally interested in magician shows or just want to learn something more about it, the festival will also include great Magic Conferences directed by Nacho Ares.

Close-up Magic show and the International Gala of Stage Magic will be the largest events during which you will be able to see incredible card tricks, close-up magic, illusionist shows, mentalist performances, and magic numbers, so the fun is definitely guaranteed.

Each show has the audience limit. That is why we recommend you to buy the tickets as soon as possible.

The opening of the Bullfighting season

When: From March 27th to June 9th
Where: Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas (Madrid Bullring)
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It is the beginning of bullfighting season and the tickets are already in sales!
Some of the bullfights are scheduled so if you have a stomach for this ancient fight show you can come to Las Ventas and take a closer look at one of the most popular elements of Spanish tradition and culture.

Captura e1550574529459 March in Madrid
Bullfighting | Photo by San Isidro

Why is this the perfect time to buy the tickets? Since March is not the peak of the bullfighting season, ticket prices are much lower than in the rest of the months. Earliest tickets are currently selling at the lowest price of 25€.

Except for the bullfighting, you can see the Monumental de Las Ventas that is considered to be the most important bullring in the world. There is also the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla that is the oldest working bullring in Spain.

For those who do not know much about the bullfighting, the rules do not allow the bullfighter to use the muleta (a stick with a red cloth) for a fight. The only tools that are allowed to use are the capes (Capote de Brega) that bullfighters are often calling guardian angels.

International Festival of Sacred Art

When: From 7th March to 13th April
Where: Teatro de la Abadía, Teatros del Canal, Cuarta Pared, Prado Museum and other locations in Madrid
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In terms of cultural festivals, March is one of the most interesting months in Madrid. The greatest festival of that kind is the International Festival of Sacred Art that consists of 60 concerts from classical music to electronic sounds without forgetting the flamenco, jazz, rock, and folk.

presentacion festival de arte sacro madrid 2019 20190204 1200 02 e1550582274704 March in Madrid
Festival de Arte Sacro | Madrid 2019 | Photo courtesy of Gatafe Diario

During The twenty-ninth edition of the International Festival of Sacred Art, you will have a chance to listen to all kinds of genres. The music will be enriched with the Chamber Orchestras, dance performances, and plays that will be accompanied by an interesting film screening.

The purpose of this event is to explore the role of music in terms of spirituality. That is why so many different artists, such as María Espada, Soleá Morente, Moisés P. Sánchez, Paco Ibáñez, Jorge Pardo, María Toledo, Ernesto Aurignac, Rosa Torres-Pardo, Rafael de Utrera, Pepe Rivero, María Berasarte and others, will perform at this special cultural event.

Carnival festival

When: From March 1th to March 6th
Where: lesser-known neighborhoods in Madrid
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If you are asking yourself what to do at the Carnival festival in Madrid, here are the two best options:

  1. Put your costume on and visit unforgettable carnival parties in Madrid
  2. Explore the lesser-known neighborhoods beyond the center of the city while watching the Carnival parade and tasting unusual and traditional snacks

Carnival 1000x577 e1550585238811 March in Madrid
Las Palmas | Photo courtesy of Privetmadrid

Madrid is pretty famous for its Carnival celebration that is happening nearby lesser-known neighborhood and streets. This is why, during five days, streets and squares of Madrid will be full of colorful, creative and eye-catching costumes which can only be admired by the local people and visitors of the festival. The Carnival is followed by a parade that always has a specific theme. Concerts and parties are also following the theme, making the Carnival full of countless activities for adults and children.

What to eat? Chocolate sardines!

The Burial of the Sardine is a traditional event when costumes are put away along with the evil and negative thoughts. The happiness, peace, and harmony are celebrated with the burial procession that starts at Plaza de San Antonio de la Florida and ends in the Pajaritos Fountain at Plaza de las Moreras in Casa in the Campo Park. Chocolate sardine symbolizes all the bad things that happened during the last year but it also presents hope for positive future events that are about to come. 

gettyimages 646738522 1024x1024 e1550587411160 March in Madrid
Burial Of The Sardine The End Of Carnival | Photo by Denis Doyle | Getty Images

These are just some of the events that you can see and visit in Madrid. If you are a spontaneous type, you can take a Madrid City tour and explore the city while finding some attractive and lesser-known activities for yourself.

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No matter what you chose, we are sure that you will find a great place to stay and have a fabulous time in the largest and most visited city in Spain. 

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