March in Barcelona

March in Barcelona

Weather in Spain is starting to warm up which means that events in Barcelona are just popping up! If you are visiting Barcelona in March you will have plenty of celebrations waiting for you! Become a part of the cheerful spirit of celebrations and check the list of the most popular ones.


Sweetest Festival of Barcelona

When: 3rd of March

Where: Carrer de San Salvador

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If you are the kind of person who has never had a problem a proper cupcake couldn't fix, then you must visit Sant Medir – the Sweetest Festival of Barcelona.

Captura 2 e1550674174668 March in Barcelona
Sant Medir Sweet Festival | Photo courtesy of BCNConnect

During the festival of Sant Medir in the Vila de Gracia area, around 60 tons of candies, or even more, are given out each year. Now, it is clear why every candy lover will be there – waiting for this small piece of happiness.

This parade starts on the 3rd of March in the Gran de Gràcia and ends in the Jardinets de Gracia street. In the Carrer de San Salvador you will find dozens of people riding their horses or people with carriages and trucks passing by the streets while throwing candies to the children or to the rest of the crowd. If you are wondering who they are – they are local groups, so-called colles and they are the heart of this event.


Barcelona Beer Festival

When: 15th to 17th of March

Where: La Farga de l’Hospitalet

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If you are visiting Barcelona because you heard that this is the best city for having fun with your friends then you must come to La Farga de l’Hospitalet from 15th to 17th of March when the Barcelona Beer Festival gathers people from all over the world!

BCN Beer Festival Photo by JGordicho Flickr e1550075358604 March in Barcelona
BCN Beer Festival | Photo by JGordicho | Flickr

You do not have to be a beer lover to enjoy this international beer festival because this is the massive event where you can meet a lot of great people who are here for, more or less, the same reason as you are.

On the other hand – If you really are a beer fan, you can show your drinking skills at the Barcelona Beer Challenge, the international competition in beer drinking. Also, you can try any beer from a large offer of more than 450 national and international beers that are served there.

Ticket includes the beer glass and 2 tokens for the first tastings and we recommend you to buy it online for the price of 7.75€ per day or 10.95€ for the whole three days.  

Watch the video and get your ticket as soon as possible!


Saint Patrick’s Festival

When: 17th of March

Where: Pubs and bars in Barcelona

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The most recently adopted event in Barcelona will start on the 17th of March. This is when you will have the chance to become a part of the celebration of traditional Irish music and culture at several locations in Barcelona.

If you like music then you must visit at least one Irish bar like Shenanigans Irish Pub or The George Payne and see their special Patrick’ offer. Bring your party mood and some Irish accessories and have a great time!

image e1550671661732 March in Barcelona
San Patricio | Photo courtesy of Time Out Barcelona


Festival of St Josep Oriol

When: 16th to 24th March

Where: Barcelona streets

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From 16th to 24th March you will have a chance to feel the Catalan tradition while on the Festival of St Josep Oriol. What to expect?  Old giants of Santa Maria del Pi, dragons, and human towers moving through the crowd of Barcelona. If you are with children in Barcelona then this is definitely one of the greatest events that you can visit.

Photo courtesy of Ajuntament de Barcelona e1550142357262 March in Barcelona
Photo courtesy of Ajuntament de Barcelona

This festival also includes the Perot Lo Lladre parade – an event that is presenting a real Spanish bandit from the 16th century who walks around the streets while hijacking the local shops. Peter the thief will entertain the old ones but it will also be the surprise for the children because of the huge chocolate coins and golden candies.

As you can see, March is full of festivals and other events, and there will be plenty to do whenever you come! If you have already picked your favorite event and if you haven’t found the place to stay then you can check the list of apartments we offer here and start planning your trip!


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