The Must Spots for Foodies in Madrid

Foodies in Madrid

The largest city and the capital of Spain is just as much on top when it comes to places to dine in. From three-Michelin-star fine dining tasting menus, including some avant-garde combinations of taste to rustic and home-like Spanish cuisine, to Asian fusion – Madrid is definitely the place that has it all. And no, this is not the right city to have Paella (traditional Valencian dish is best in Valencia, obviously), but it is the right one for so much more…

The oldest in Madrid (and the world)

Opened in 1725, officially the oldest restaurant in the world Sobrino de Botín can be luckily found in Madrid. Still roasting dishes in the huge oven that is there since opening, it is everyone’s favorite, so don’t be surprised to find it packed and be sure to stay for this experience.

A little tip – ask to be seated in Hemingway’s favorite spot.;)

Address: Calle Cuchilleros, 17, 28005

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The world's oldest restaurant BOTÍN by Jack R. Johanson | Flickr

The Spanish one

Craving Tortilla española (Spanish potato omelet)? Casa Dani is the one that offers the local comfort food cooked to perfection, which means it has a well done exterior and quite a gooey interior. A lot of places offer the so-called tortilla de patatas, so make sure to go to the best one.

Address: Calle de Ayala 28, 28001

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Tortilla española in Casa Dani

The best Madrid style

How far would you go for the best cocido Madrileño (Madrid-style chickpea and meat stew)? I am pretty sure a half-hour metro ride is nothing, right? Cruz Blanca Vallecas has no matches when it comes to traditional Spanish stew. It is well known for the quality of these rustic dishes, so make sure to book a table a lot in advance.

Address: Calle de Carlos Martín Álvarez 58, 28018

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Cocido Madrileño in La Cruz Blanca Vallecas

The most awarded

The only restaurant in Madrid holding three Michelin stars DiverXO, led by Chef David Muñoz, is something out of this world. Looking for a different, imaginative, avant-garde, groundbreaking food in a likewise atmosphere? Collecting such experiences? You should definitely pay a visit then. But make a sure to reserve a table in advance, as it tends to be booked months ahead.

Address: NH Eurobuilding, Calle de Padre Damián 23, 28036

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A meal in DiverXO | Flickr

The sweetest

Stop by the oldest and most famous Madrid’s Chocolatería San Ginés and have the traditional combo of churros (long dough sticks made from flour, water and salt) and chocolate, which is served thick and steaming hot in a cup to dip the churros in.

Address: Pasadizo de San Gines 5, 28013

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Chocolatería San Ginés | Flickr

The Sherry one

A bar which allows neither photos nor tips, a bar where bartenders keep track of what you drink by writing it down on a bar counter with chalk, where a black cat wanders around the tables, a bar where only Sherry is served – that is La Venencia. If that is not enough, it was one of Hemingway’s favorites. Do I really need to continue?

Address: Calle Echegaray 7, 28014

The freshest one

Depending on what catch the suppliers offer each day, the menu will be adjusted accordingly in Bistronómika. Which basically means that the seafood will be as fresh as it gets. It is as simple as that.

Address: Calle Sta. María 39, 28014

Bistronomika e1538040947292 The Must Spots for Foodies in Madrid
One of the fresh dishes in Bistronómika

The secret one

Obvious from the name, La Bodega de los Secretos is a hidden gem in Madrid’s spectrum of restaurants. Not only is it in a quiet area, but it is also situated in a labyrinth of underground wine cellars, which make the restaurant even more special as the location dates back to the 17th century. The menu features mostly modern Spanish dishes, yet it does have some international influences as well.

Address: Calle San Blas 4, 28014

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Interior of Restaurant Bodega de los Secretos

…The list goes on and on, as Madrid is definitely packed with extraordinary places and any foodie here fill find a favorite. One more to a long list of reasons to visit Madrid!

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