Should You Trust Habitat Apartments? Absolutely!

High quality services

Looking for a holiday accommodation is a bit of a headache, right? As the place to stay is a huge part of the overall vacation matter, you want to find the perfect price and quality ratio and deal with a company which you can trust. Not bragging, but Habitat Apartments is the right way to go!

24/7 Customer service

Being able to contact the company’s representative at all times plays a big role. Whether you need help deciding which apartment to go with, cannot find the way from the airport to the apartment, forgot something there while on the way home… No matter what, we are here for you. Send us an e-mail or give us a call whenever − before, during or after your stay − and we will make sure to help you out. You can find the emergency contact details in your booking confirmation.

ADN 31 apartment barcelona living room 2 e1537867557532 Should You Trust Habitat Apartments? Absolutely!
Design elements in the dining area of ADN 31 apartment in Barcelona

Exclusively managed apartments in Barcelona and Madrid

From booking and checking in to checking out and maintenance works, Habitat Apartments manage all aspects of the properties. That is why you can be sure of the best customer care all throughout the period of being with us. Once again, just contact us if there is any problem (let’s hope there isn’t, of course) and you will not have to worry about it anymore.

latina superior apartment madrid living dining romm 4 1 e1537866864335 Should You Trust Habitat Apartments? Absolutely!
Living room of the Latina Superior apartment in Madrid

Customer reviews

If you feel more comfortable with hearing about the apartments from actual guests rather than us, simply open up the “Reviews” tab in each of the apartment on our website. You will find plenty of positive feedback there as well as some less positive comments which we value a lot and use to step up our apartments and services. Taking suggestions from our guests is how we improve! Again, if any of the reviews raise some concerns and you want to make sure you will have nothing but lovely experience staying with us, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss it.

These are only some of the advantages of booking Habitat Apartments, as we do have so much more to offer. If this helped you make the final decision for booking, visit our website and choose your dream vacation accommodation!

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